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World Of Tanks Crew Skills

Updated on July 24, 2012

Additional Crew Skills in WOT 7.2

Wargaming Net has just given us a preview of the new skills available in WOT v 7.2.

The update will introduce a skills interface which will allow players to cue the skills they want to research. On release players will be able to re-specialise their skills. This can also be done at a later date as follows.

Gold Reset 100%

Credit Reset 90%

Free Reset 80%

It will be crucial for players to give particular thought to the role of each vehicle and the specialisations each might use. I am a big user of improved ventilation so I will go out on a limb and say that the majority of my crews will have Brothers in Arms as their first skill. I will then attempt to Identify which skills I will use for each crew member. Remembering that the original skills Camouflage, Repair and Firefighting are still avilable. Please bear in mind how long it takes to upskill your crews. Beyond three skills is wishful thinking for most. It may prove effective to have a "Tutor" commander transfer to join your next novice crew.

Changes to Crew skills in update 7.4

The positives are that where a tank does not have a loader or radio operator the commander will have access to those skills. Similiarly Gunners are able to research Loader skills where a loader isn't present. Personally I don't think I have much use for this.

Skills have been split into common skills and (which include Brothers in Arms, Repair, Camouflage and Fire fighting) and the specific crew skills available to each tanker.

The huge negative is the caption in the skills list which says that the crew (skills and perks will cease to have effect once a tanker changes vehicle)

Commander Skills

Jack of all trades
Commander can fill in for injured crew member
Crew other than Commander gain skills faster
Eagle Eye
Commander identifies critical damage on targeted vehicle
Sixth Sense
Commander knows if vehicle has been spotted
increases maximum view range
Brothers in Arms
If all crew have this skill all receive skill bonus

I would lean towards Mentor for my second skill to allow the crew to increase their skills faster.

Recon may be useful for tank destroyers or tanks with poor visibility such as the KV5.

Jack of All Trades may be useful although most players carry a medical kit.

I will rule out using eagle as it is easy to research vehicles weak spots

Similiarly you should have a fair idea if you have been spotted unless you are waiting in ambush and that pesky scout has wondered in a bit close. I don't think Sixth Sense will be of much benefit.

Therefore my commander skill cues will look like this.

Tank (Brawler)

Brothers in Arms, Mentor, Jack of all Trades, Recon, Repair, Firefighting, Camouflage, Sixth Sense and Eagle Eye

Tank Destroyer, Tank (Sniper) or SPG

Brothers in Arms, Mentor, Camouflage, Jack of All Trades, Recon, Repair, Firefighting, Premonition and Eagle Eye

Driver Skills

Clutch Braking
Improves traverse speed
Off Road Master
Improves tank performance in difficult terrain
Smooth Ride
Decreases Gun Dispersion for movement
Controlled Impact
Increases Damage done when ramming reduces damage received
Preventative Maintenance
Reduces chances of engine fire
Brothers In Arms
If all crew have this skill all receive skill bonus

We have all crawled across marshy ground and we have all willed our tanks to traverse to get that kill shot into the T-54 before he BANG! woops too late. Smooth Ride and Preventative Maintenance look useful. I am not much of a rammer but plenty of my friends and (online) enemies are.

My driver builds are:

Tank (Brawler)

Brothers In Arms, Preventative Maintenance, Smooth Ride, Repair, Firefighting, Clutch Braking, Off Road Driving, Camouflage and Controlled Impact

Tank Destroyer, Tank (Sniper) or SPG

Brothers in Arms, Camouflage, Clutch Braking, Neatnik, Repair, Smooth Ride, Firefighting, Off Road Driving, Preventative Maintenance and Controlled Impact

Gunner Skills

Reduces dispersion of damaged gun
Increases chance of critical damage and crew hits
Snap Shot
Reduces dispersion of turret rotation
Designated Target
Targeted Enemy Vehicles are visisble for two extra seconds
Brothers In Arms
If all crew have this skill all receive skill bonus

Arguably the most important crew member. Certainly the one I save the medical kit for. Master Gunsmith is useful but most people carry a repair kit multiple disasters can happen but not that often. Sharpshooter looks like a must have gunnery skill whilst steady hands & nemesis are nice to haves.

My Gunner queues are:

Tank (Brawler)

Brother in Arms, Dead Eye, Repair, firefighting, Armourere, Designated Target, Snap Shot and Camouflage

Tank Destroyer, Tank (Sniper) or SPG

Brothers In Arms, Dead Eye, Camouflage, Armourere, Repair, Firefighting, Designated Target, Snap Shot

Loader Skills

Safe Stowage
Increases ammo rack durability
Chance of immediate reload when loading a different type of shell
Adrenaline Rush
Increases reload speed when vehicle is at or below 10% health
Brothers in Arms
If all crew have this skill all receive skill bonus

Safe STowage looks like the answer to many of my problems. Intuition may be useful for the indecisive. What we really need to know is does it work for the French tanks. A chance for an instant clip reload? BRING IT ON!!

Adrenaline Rush is nice but hey you have already lost 90% of your health.

My standard build is as follows however you may choose to promote Intuition up the pecking order for a French Tank. Anyone with info is welcome to post and I will update this page.

Tank (Brawler)

Brothers In Arms, Safe Stowage, Repair, Firefighting, Camouflage, Adrenaline Rush and Intuition

Tank Destroyer, Tank (Sniper) and SPGs

Brothers in Arms, Camouflage, Safe Stowage, Repair, Firefighting, Adrenaline Rush and Intuition

Radio Operator Skills

Signal Boosting
Increases radio signal range
Situational Awareness
Increases view range
increases radio signal range of all tanks within your signal radius
Call for Vengeance
If your tank is destroyed and radio operator still lives your signal is transmitted for two extra seconds
Brothers In Arms
If all crew have this skill all receive skill bonus

Radio Skills look like it comes down to wether you are a team player or perhaps a smart player who likes Arty to do more of the hard work for you. Boffin and Sonar sound useful for your tank whilst Retransmitter and Last Ditch attempt may help your team get over the line.

Call me selfish but I am thinking of these builds:

Tank (Brawler)

Brothers in Arms, Situational Awareness, Repair, Signal Boosting, Firefighting, Relaying, call for Vengeance and Camouflage

Tank Destroyer, Tank (Sniper) and SPG

Brothers in Arms, Camouflage, Situational Awareness, Repair, Signal Boosting, Relaying, Firefighting and Call For Vengeance.

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Your comments on my builds are welcome feel free to share your own builds.

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