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World of Warcraft: Leveling Guide-Get to Level 85 really fast.

Updated on April 11, 2012


If you have just started World of Warcraft or you are leveling another character this collection of pro tips will help your character level up incredibly fast. Get to level 85 before any of your friends. And enjoy the endgame content (which is where WoW shines) fast.

Don't read the story-lines for the quest

Every single quest you do in World of Warcraft has a storyline to it. If you want to level up as fast as you can, don't read the storylines for quests. Also skip as many cutscene as you can (this can be done by pressing ESC button).

Proper Questing

Proper questing in World of Warcraft refers to how you quest. First go to a town, grab every quest in that town. Then take a look at the map, most quests are generally near each other. But sometimes a quest is located at the far end of the map, for a quest like that put it on the back burner. Do the quests located near each other and eventually you might end up near that quest that is separated from other quests, if you don't simply abandon the quest.

Especially in pre-85 zones, you have more then enough quests to get you past that zones XP bracket. And multiple zones means multiple places to level up during certain levels. Pick and chose quests which are easy. Kill quests (kill X amount of certain type of mob) are great quests whereas drop quests can have a low drop rate and be very frustrating. Complete quests in a certain zone until most of the quests start looking "green" then consider a new zone. Sometimes it's worth abandoning a completed quest if the turn in is deemed too far away.

Don't pick any professions unless....

Professions take time and time is precious. At level 85 you will have plenty of spare time to level up any profession you decide to play with. Instance (raids) and battlegrounds have very long ques, plus people tend to leave level 85's who are leveling up their professions alone. That being said if you want to level up a gathering profession IE mining, herbs, and skinning you can successfully level up those professions without adding too much time to your leveling. Many gathering professions will give you experience points every time you harvest a resource.

The Mail is your friend

Your going to be leveling as fast as you can. You might start gathering various items as you level up that would be useful to you later on (when you level up your professions). These items can include various meat for cooking, items to disenchant, cloth for tailoring or first aide, resources from your gathering profession, etc. Instead of having these items clog up your inventory mail them to another one of your characters. This is a great place to store extra items, after 30 days if the items not claimed by your other character they will be remailed back to the sender.

Attack and Forget

Many players will attack a mob, kill it and then bask in their brilliance for their heroic deed of killing that mob; or rather they take way too long in watching the mob die when they could have moved on to the next mob. If your capable of putting a damage over time spell/ability on an enemy and you know it will kill them, then start moving towards your next mob. If you don't have a damage over time ability consider lowering a mobs health low enough that a area of effect spell can both kill the old mob as well as damage a new mob. If your a class that has pets, simply do enough damage to a mob and let your pet finish it.


This tip is for players who have multiple characters and don't really need the 44 copper they would loot from a mob. Early level mobs drop a pathetic amount of gold/silver/copper. If you have gold already in the game consider not looting mobs pre-60. Looting takes up a lot of time and if you don't mind buying the ingredients for cooking, cloth of first aide and giving up potential gold then you might consider skipping looting. If you don't want to skip looting then at least know the key (default is shift key) that loots all. It will mean your picking up a lot of crap but you still get all the items.

Battlegrounds and Instances

Lots of people try to level up in battlegrounds. The problem with that is unless you are winning spending time doing battlegrounds will give drastically slow your level progression. Even winning takes up a fair amount of time and is slower then questing. Instances however, offer a nice amount of experience especially if you can get into a fast and experienced group.


Warcraft allows you to apply addons to your game which can change your game experience. offer's many addons as well as a Curse Client which actually updates and installs addons for you. Curse Client comes in a premium and free package. The premium program offer's automatic updates and a few nice features but you can certainly make do with the free version. I only recommend two addons.

-Silver Dragon

-NPC Scan

Both of these programs do a search of your general area searching for rare spawns. Rarespawns are mobs that are unique. They are unique is their strength, names, often look and loot. Sometimes a rare spawn can drop loot like vanity pets, special mounts, etc. But for the most part they simply drop better items. However killing a rare spawn also give you a lot of experience. Sometimes jumping your experience bar an entire level. When you enable these addons, an alert will pop up notifying you that a rare spawn is in the area.

Now the reason I recommend both programs is sometimes rare spawns won't be detected by one program whereas the other one will pick it up. Also killing rare spawns can actually earn you an achievement.

For more help on rare spawns checkout my other guide. Leveling through Rare Spawns (by going to my profile and scrolling through my various guides). The guide currently only features a few lower level areas where you can find some rare spawn and knowing the general location of the rare spawn can help you help one of these addons.

Heirloom Gear and other items.

If you have other level 85's it is completely worth farming out the justice and honor points it takes to buy heirloom gear as well as building enough guild reputation to get the two off pieces of heirloom gear. Heirloom gear offers a bonus to experience, as well as leveling up as your character levels up. The bonus experience is good enough that it's worth wearing a few pieces of heirloom gear that isn't made for you character as long as it gives you the experience boost IE wearing a cape that gives you a 5 percent bonus to XP that also grands a boost to agility (and yet your a mage).

Besides heirloom items items can be bought from the auction house that give you a boost to mount speed, run/walk speed. Also potions and buff food can come in very handy.

Always rest in an Inn for rested experience.

Your character levels up so much faster when your experienced is rested. You get rested experience every time you go into an inn. The longer you're in an inn the more rested experience you can gain. So even if your going to be gone for only 30 minutes, it worth finding an inn to log out in (or wait in)

The perks of being in a higher level guild.

A guild can offer increased XP from mob and quest turn ins. They can offer cheaper prices, guild help, people to complete instances and battlegrounds with. They can offer a faster hearth stone and guild repairs. Mass resurrection and the ability to summon people to you are amazing perks.

Zygor's Leveling Guide and other costly guides

Warcraft is a great money making. Heck I make money off of clicks I received on advertisement on my articles, and I have to say my Warcraft articles are always the hot items. Whereas my articles don't cost you a single dime other warcraft guide's want to charge you. Zygor's guide is addon which tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. It is a mod which will help you level up but you cannot stray from any of the instructions otherwise the mods instructional steps won't do you any good. It will get out of order and you might be forced to follow easier steps that don't give you any experience because you did an extra instance (also these mods tend to be a bit glitchy) Plus it has been my experience that while it does help you level up, simply following the steps I have provided you will help you level up faster then any guide that wants to charge you.

That being said make up your own mind. If you feel an addon which costs money is the way for you, don't let this article stand in your way (but you really don't need to spend money on addons).

Time management

A hearth stone can save you lots of time between running from a quest area to where you turn in quests. Use it. Also be aware the high level guilds give you the ability to use your hearthstone every 15 minutes (instead of 30 minutes).

If you are going to be logging out for a while and you need to fly to a far away zone simply put your character on the flight path and leave your computer. Eventually your character will reach it's destination. Wow will eventually log you out of Warcraft for being afk for too long.

Leveling with other people

Leveling with other people gives you a trade off. It decreases the amount of experience you get from monsters and thus slowing your leveling but it also allows for you to kill monsters faster and complete quests faster. A few people helping you out might mean your have to complete more quests but it also means the quests will be completed faster. It's a tradeoff.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Leveling up in Wow is just time consuming if you are a serious player. If you are like me, leveling up is just one thing that makes the game interesting. I am kinda interested in all of the extras and stuff.

    • Seth Winter profile imageAUTHOR

      Seth Winter 

      4 years ago from Shingletown, California

      Sorry for the long time reply. Recently started getting back into hubpages again. The reason I got out of Wow was honestly the lack of "new" content and a combination of other things.

      I was a leveling fend. I've leveled up every single class in the game and some classes more then once. I also did a lot of pvp world/battlegrounds and once upon a time a healer in raids. I was healing around the time Naxx 25 and Ulduar were the popular places to raid. I gave up playing a few months after the release of cata. For me one of my favorite things to do was to raid enemy capital cities. Nothin says ballsy like attacking the other side in their own capital city, with cata came high level guards that made it near impossible. Healing classes could out heal a dpsing class attacking them and the raids seems like easy sauce. I remember in Naxx where the safety dance mechanic usually killed at least half the raid and I've seen it were a healer and a tank were the only classes left alive (and they killed the boss). The game just got stale.

      So I switch to guide wars and love it....sort of. The game mechanics are much easier. and refreshing. Every zone has new ways of completing quests and I think the game would of totally killed wow except for few aspects. 1. The characters weren't as pretty as WoW. 2. Crafting was lacking, in WoW most professionls had cool items you could make...not so much in GW2. But most of all it was the character classes that makes me find GW2 not fun to play. I've had the game since it came out and can't find a main class. There are classes which have aspect's I like but WoW did a much better job at developing character classes.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i had a friend get addicted to this game and he stopped coming to school :(

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 

      5 years ago

      Seth, I hope you don't mind me commenting. I don't play WoW, but my husband and son and grandson do! Voted your article UP and useful and interesting because it looks to me like it would be helpful to a WoW player.

      May I ask why you gave up WoW? Just curious. You don't have to answer.

    • Seth Winter profile imageAUTHOR

      Seth Winter 

      6 years ago from Shingletown, California

      I wouldn't see why I should care about getting to level 85 before anyone else. Plus I gave up WoW. These collection of tips will help you level and they are free unlike many guides out there, and in truth besides knowing how to level (aka the tips I gave) you don't need a guide. -

      -Side note Arceon is obviously trolling. Steps? My steps didn't work? So getting rested XP or Heirloom items somehow didn't make you level any faster?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      HEY, im new To WoW, but yes, i will deffo try this technique out, it does sound very helpful, i will get heirlooms with HonorPoints, Or JusticePoints... @Arceon, you probbo failed some were during the idea's given.......... @Evastator Yes Im going to become a FireMage :D Human, At level 85, i shall try to get TimeLords robes, and the Cataclysmic Cape Cheers Pal'

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @Arceon, this is were i think your wrong, this trick did actually work for me, and it worked extremely well. cheers for the tips, my heirlooms did help when i got them, now im a level 85Fire Mage, Cheers dude


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