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Ahri Counter - Tame the Fearsome Fox

Updated on November 1, 2014

Ahri – The Nine-Tailed Fox

Ahri is one of the most well-rounded champions in League of Legends. She stays relevant throughout all stages of the game. Her laning phase is great because of her skills that allow her to cs and harass the enemy at the same time. With her ultimate, ganking her is almost impossible to pull off. Come mid-game, she roams non-stop to help her lanes win. Even if her damage falters a bit during late game, she remains a threat because of her charm and burst damage. But she has her weaknesses, too. Read these tips and find out the best Ahri counter picks as well as the items you should buy when facing the nine-tailed fox.

General Counters to Ahri

S4 Lol Counters

  • Ahri’s Charm is the biggest threat in her arsenal. Stay behind your minions so she can’t hit you. Practice dodging sideways as soon as you see her casting. When she misses her E, it relieves a huge amount of pressure off you. Consider engaging on her when Charm is on cooldown.
  • Her Orb of Deception does a huge amount of damage early game. Remember that this spell has two parts. It deals true damage on its way back to Ahri. If you get hit by her Q, move laterally so you avoid getting hit by the true damage.
  • Call for a gank before she hits 6. Once Ahri gets her ultimate, it becomes very difficult to pull off a successful gank because she will just dash away from harm. Post-6, tell your team when Ahri’s ultimate is down so you can set up a gank.
  • Limit her mobility through hard CC. Ahri is very slippery, but if your team has a lot of CC you can easily chase her down and take her out of the team fight right away.
  • Quicksilver Sash, Banshee’s Veil and Mikael’s Crucible are great items to counter Ahri.
  • If you’re an AD Carry, considering taking Cleanse especially if the enemy team has a lot of other CC besides Ahri’s E.

Ahri Counter Picks

Counter Ahri as Fizz

In this matchup, the biggest advantage Fizz has is his ability to dodge Charm. However, a good Ahri player will wait for the right time before she uses her E. As Fizz, save your Playful/Trickster for dodging Charm. Use Q to engage and try to juke Ahri's spells. You can also use your E to avoid getting hit by Ahri’s Orb and Fox Fire. If you manage to dodge successfully, you can go all-in and score a kill.

Counter Ahri as Zed

Despite being a melee champion, Zed can do well against a lot of AP mid champions, thanks to his skill set that allows him to farm safely in lane. All you have to do is avoid her Q and E. You can also go aggressive and get to level 2 first. Use W + Q to damage her and close the gap. Your auto attacks will hurt her a lot. After 6, all in her when you know her ultimate is on cooldown; she’s going to be an easy kill. Also remember that Ahri will usually throw her E as soon as you ult her, so try to sidestep or use your shadows to outplay her.

Counter Ahri as Akali

This is a tough matchup for Akali during the early levels. Just try to get as many cs as you can without getting harassed too much. When you get hit by Ahri’s E, use your shroud to avoid her Fox Fire and auto attacks. Just wait until you reach 6 for your ultimate. You are the only champion to match Ahri’s 3 dashes. Always be aware of your ult charges, though. If you dash to her, use your shroud right away so she can’t follow up with her spells.

Counter Ahri as Swain

A well-played Swain is a nightmare for Ahri. Yes, Ahri may have the advantage during the first 5 levels, but after that she does nothing to Swain. Just farm safely and avoid getting low on health. Don’t get too aggressive even if you land Nevermove. Just follow up with Q + E and back away. Wait for your ultimate for incredible sustain. You wouldn’t have to fear Ahri even if she hits you with her full combo beyond this level.

Counter Ahri as Annie

Annie is a great Ahri counter in mid lane because of her stun and insane burst damage. You have great poke with your spells and a hard CC that makes Ahri think twice before engaging on you. Just avoid her Charm and you should be good during the laning phase. Make sure your stun is ready when you both hit level 6. If she decides to engage, pin her down with your stun and burst her down with your full combo. Annie has so much damage at level 6, so you should take advantage of this immense power spike and snowball from there.

Which champion is your favorite Ahri counter?

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    • TCoote profile image

      NekoLoko 2 years ago from Florida

      I've been having trouble facing ahri latley but this article has helped me a lot. Can you make a swain counter tips article please? :)