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Akali Counter - Destroying an Assassin

Updated on October 31, 2014

Akali – The Fist of Shadow

Akali is one of the best assassin champions in the game. She can pop squishies with a full combo of her spells in the late game. If she gets multiple kills early, it becomes very difficult to control her as she is going to roam nonstop, wreaking havoc in all lanes as much as she can. But before her huge power spike, she has to survive the laning phase. This is her biggest weakness, so you will want to punish her hard and not let her get kills and deny her cs. She can play both mid and top lanes, but she often goes top because AP mids typically do well against her. Read on and find out the best Akali counters.

General Counters to Akali

S4 LoL Counters

  • She has a really weak laning phase. Picking a good early game champion almost always wins you the lane, provided you don’t get ganked and do silly mistakes. If you’re playing a ranged champion, the only thing to look out for is when she throws her Q. Just move away when you are marked so she won’t be able to proc it.
  • Akali gets a huge spike in power at level 6. Remember that she initially gets only one charge, so you can still have an advantage over her. This is also the time to be very careful of her Mark of the Assassin, as she can proc it twice when she has her ultimate, dealing tons of burst.
  • The only defensive skill she has is her shroud. When her shroud is on cooldown, call your jungler to gank the lane immediately and force a kill or at least a flash.
  • Skills can still hit Akali even while she is on stealth.
  • Carry a pink ward with you to make her W useless. Also upgrade your oracle lens so you wouldn’t waste too much money on pink wards.
  • Champions that reveal champions in stealth particularly do well against Akali. Without stealth, Akali is an easy target for your team.

Akali Counter Picks

Counter Akali as Annie

Annie has so much AoE burst damage. Add to that her long range and she makes Akali’s life miserable. Just don’t let Akali consume the mark when you’re hit with her Q. Harass her with autoattacks and your spells every time she goes for a last hit. When she decides to go all in at level 6, stun her and dish out all your skills. Remember that she only has one dash upon hitting level 6, so she will probably burn a flash.

Counter Akali as Diana

Diana can reveal champions with her Q. Even as a melee champion, you can 1v1 Akali early game because of your skill set. Try to proc your Moonsilver Blade on Akali when she goes for a last hit. You can even use your E to pull her toward you for even more harass. Diana also does well when building Abyssal Scepter first, which is a great item against Akali.

Counter Akali as Lee Sin

Lee Sin has a really strong early game. While normally played in the jungle, you can pick him as a top lane counter to Akali. You have two abilities that will reveal stealth champions, which pretty much makes Akali’s W useless. When she uses her shroud, use your E to reveal her and hit the rest of your skills to deal huge amounts of damage. After level 6, killing Akali can get more difficult. Just try to win lane against her to delay her power spike and render her useless during the mid-game.

Counter Akali as Garen

When you’re playing Garen vs Akali, your goal is to simply make her laning phase very difficult. Silencing her with your Q makes her useless. Your W allows you to absorb her burst damage. When she uses shroud, press E and just spin inside. You don’t have to score an early kill. Just gain an advantage over her. Get an early Negatron Cloak to negate her insane burst.

Counter Akali as Renekton

Renekton bullies almost anyone in the top lane, and a squishy Akali can’t really do anything but sit and farm passively. Zone Akali out of cs range to deny her gold, thus delaying her from getting her items. This is your primary goal. Punish her with your abilities and keep her low on health. Even if you can’t kill her, you should gain an early gold and item advantage to help your team during the mid-game. Try to take objectives early and not let Akali catch up.

Which champion is your favorite Akali counter?

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