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Aion Templar Guide

Updated on May 20, 2011

Templar class in Aion

Fearsome and hulking, a Warrior's way is found more through brute force and great resilience than guile and trickery. However, do not be fooled into thinking Warriors are only brainless, or simple-minded. A Warrior bears the brunt of the attack and can reply with tremendous force and power.

Warriors can do a lot for your group. Their role is an important one and their skills come to the test in tight situations. Knowing how to play one is not a luxury of the elitist, but a necessity for everyone.

At a certain level, warriors can specialize into either Gladiators or Templars. While gladiators are mostly about doing damage, Templars have many more tasks entrusted upon them, and a lot more to learn. Grab your weapon and shield, cause you're about to find out the insider info and strategies you don't want to miss!

Why do YOU need this guide

Templars in Aion are without a doubt the best tanks. As such, they are welcome to most groups, and with a healer behind they are nearly unstoppable. They can soak a lot of damage and even deal decent damage themselves, but it takes certain skill to know when and how.

Having the right information is crucial to this class. Whether it's the game mechanics, damage, itemization, knowing your own class but others as well, it's all important! There's dozens of factors you should always take into account, and if you keep that in mind you shouldn't have any trouble. However, most players got no idea what they're doing, even after months of experience with the Templar.

For all of you looking for more information about this fun and rewarding class, I recommend checking out the unofficial Templar guide. It's full of info about pretty much anything you can think of about the class. Here's a list of the most important content:

- Find out Learn insider secrets and tactics that will get you to level cap within a week

- Choose your Stigma skills that are most effective and match your play style

- Learn the most effective strategies you can use in PvPvE battles and dominate your opponents

- Optimize your class to handle any given situation using the best items made specifically for each different build

- Find out all the necessary addons and macros you need to gain an advantage over other players

- Learn how to make tons of Kinah with the most efficient strategies developed exclusively for Templar class

Get the Templar Guide

This Templar guide is frequently updated with new tips and strategies and you can keep downloading it for free whenever there's something new added, which is usually after major changes or and patches. This guide is definitely the best reference for all Templars and will undoubtedly help you master this class in a matter of days!

Get The Templar Guide Now

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