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Borderlands 2 Infiltrate the Bloodshot Stronghold

Updated on September 25, 2012

Borderlands 2 Infiltrate the Bloodshot Stronghold

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter hero must enter and infiltrate the bloodshot stronghold in order to rescue Roland. The bloodshot stronghold is filled with bloodshot bandits and includes a mini-boss Mad Mike. This will guide the hero on how to defeat the bloodshot bandits and Mad Mike, and provide a brief navigation through the Bloodshot Stronghold and the chase after Roland.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Mad Mike in Bloodshot Stronghold

Borderlands 2 Infiltrate the Bloodshot Stronghold and Defeat Mad Mike.
Borderlands 2 Infiltrate the Bloodshot Stronghold and Defeat Mad Mike.

Borderlands 2 Defeat the Bloodshot Stronghold Bandits

The hero enters the Bloodshot Stronghold from the compound outside. The path through the Bloodshot Stronghold and into the holding cell containing Roland is fairly straightforward. The hero simply goes through long straight corridors that only branches slightly to the right and finally opens up into a circular chamber. The hero will climb to the upper levels of the circular chamber and then proceed onwards towards the holding cell.

The bandits within the Bloodshot Stronghold are not that straightforward though. Apart from the usual mobs that the hero has already encountered, there are a few new bandit monsters. Two of them include -

  • the bruiser - to take him down, the assassin hero should go into deception mode and then use the fiery suppressive railer against him; do not let him get too close to the hero.
  • the badass nomads and nomad tormentors – the bloodshot nomads within the stronghold carry large shields; to defeat them, use deception to distract the nomads so that they raise their shield. Then go around the back or flanks of the nomads unseen and use fiery blasts from the original splatgun to defeat them.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Mad Mike

The hero will eventually reach the circular chamber. After taking out the first few waves of bandits, Mad Mike appears with his bodyguards. Mad Mike carries a rocket launcher. So do not let him hit the hero at all. The best way to deal with Mad Mike is to sniper attack him from far. Go deception mode, allow the deception counter to count down to near zero and then launch the most critical sniper rifle attack on him. Preferably, the sniper rifle will have elemental damage added (like fire damage). Dodge the attacks of Mad Mike. Allow deception cooldown to finish and repeat the techniques above. Eventually Mad Mike will be defeated.

Rescue Roland in the Bloodshot Stronghold

With Mad Mike defeated, it's more or less a minimally resistant route to the holding cells. Find Roland and attempt to rescue him. However, just as the hero is about to rescue Roland, he is taken by a strange machine called W4R-D3N.

Chase after Roland. In this part of the game, the hero does not need to defeat every single enemy between him and Roland. Simply run past the enemies and reach W4R-D3N. Then attack W4R-D3N's eye a few times. After a few attempts, W4R-D3N will fly off, carrying Roland with him.

Head towards the Dust and Friendship Gulag to continue the rescue of Roland.


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