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Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day Quest

Updated on September 24, 2012

Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Day Quest

Borderlands 2 get the bullymong fur to complete the bad hair day quest.
Borderlands 2 get the bullymong fur to complete the bad hair day quest.

Borderlands 2 Get Sniper Rifle

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter hero must get the sniper rifle. This is needed at the beginning of the game for the assassin hero wanting to use stealth and sniper techniques to advance in the first few quests of the borderlands 2 game (enjoyably). The vault hunter hero may already have a rich arsenal of weapons to begin with if he has the season pass in Borderlands 2. These include the Gearbox Renegade, Gearbox Projectile Convergence and Gearbox Diaub. However, the Gearbox Diaub sniper rifle is not as good as the Kwalal Kwalal Chinook sniper rifle that the hero can get from Sir Hammerlock. The hero can get this particular sniper rifle from Sir Hammerlock by completing the Bad Hair Day quest. This will guide the newbie vault hunter hero on how to defeat the adult bullymongs using sniper attacks, weapon attacks and then melee attacks to get the bullymong fur needed to complete the quest.

Borderlands 2 Find the Bullymongs

Borderlands 2 where to find the bullymongs in the bad hair day mission.
Borderlands 2 where to find the bullymongs in the bad hair day mission.

Borderlands 2 Find the Bullymongs in the Southern Shelf

To complete the Bad Hair Day quest, the hero first find the bullymongs on the Southern Shelf. As the map of the Southern Shelf shows, the bullymongs can be found on the left side of the Southern Shelf area as the hero descends from the Liar's Berg. The second group of bullymongs are congregated on the northern part of the Southern Shelf area to the left of the area that leads into the Soaring Dragon. The hero should approach the group of bullymongs near the electric fence (where the hero went to retrieve the power source for the Shielded Favors quest) first.

Defeat the Bullymongs to Harvest Their Fur

The key here is to use the Gearbox Diaub sniper rifle to put down almost all of the bullymongs, save one. This can be done by zooming in and defeating the bullymongs from far. This will save the hero from excessive damage and of course, death. When only one of the bullymongs is left, it's time to harvest the fur.

Zoom in with the Gearbox Diaub sniper rifle to reduce the health of the remaining bullymong to a minimum, but do not end the bullymong just yet. Now, activate the Deception action skill to the right of the bullymong. The bullymong will be distracted and chase after the hologram. Run in the direction of the bullymong, and whilst deception skill is still active, use melee weapons to defeat the bullymong. The first fur will be harvested.

Now move to the other side of the Southern Shelf and lure out the bullymongs. This side of the battle is more difficult, as the callous hero may end up attracting all the bullymongs in this area. All the bullymongs will converge towards the hero. Dodge the boulders thrown by the bullymongs, and weaken three of them with ranged weapon attacks. Then activate deception action skill and move towards one of the bullymongs. Defeat that one and harvest its fur. The hero may have been damaged by the other bullymongs at this point, and may have to run away or even back to Liar Berg to recuperate and heal up.

Return and finish off the other bullymongs in the same way.

Borderlands 2 Kwalal Kwalal Chinook Sniper Rifle

Borderlands 2 reward for handing the Bullymong fur to Sir Hammerlock
Borderlands 2 reward for handing the Bullymong fur to Sir Hammerlock

Borderlands 2 Choose the Shotgun or the Sniper Rifle

Near the completion of the bad hair day mission, the hero will be interrupted by the arguments of Claptrap and Sir Hammerlock. Claptrap offers the hero a shotgun if he returns the bullymong's fur to him. Sir Hammerlock will keep his promise and give the hero the Kwalal Kwalal Chinook rifle. Choose your weapon of choice and report back to Claptrap or Sir Hammerlock for the ideal reward.


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