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Borderlands 2 Defend the Beacon

Updated on September 30, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defend and Repair the Beacon

Prepare to Defend the Beacon against what feels like the whole hyperion armada at Overlook.
Prepare to Defend the Beacon against what feels like the whole hyperion armada at Overlook.

Borderlands 2 Defend the Beacon

In Borderlands 2, the hero must head to Overlook to set up the lunar supply beacon. At Overlook, the hero will have to withstand tons of enemies in order to defend the lunar supply beacon from enemy forces. The enemy forces include lots and lots of loaders, surveyors and just about the whole armada of Hyperion mechs. The beacon will be damaged and will break down. The hero will then have to repair the beacon. This will guide the hero on how to defend and repair the beacon and survive against the overwhelming Hyperion forces.

Borderlands 2 Overlook Fight

The vault hunter needs to get to Overlook from the Orbital Processing and Receiving Area. The hero can get there using a vehicle. Follow the directions on the map and move to Overlook.

At Overlook, the Guardian Angel asks that the hero set up the beacon at the designated location. As the hero sets up the beacon at that position, loaders move in to attack the hero. This fight looks amazingly simple at the beginning, with the standard loaders filing in almost single file for slaughter by the hero.

However, more and more hyperion troops arrive. There are surveyors and more loaders. And then the badass loaders arrive. And then the constructor arrives and constructs more mechs, including the constructor turret. This is when the fight at Overlook becomes nasty. The beacon cannot stand the might of the hyperion armada and will be broken.

Tactics Needed to Survive the Overlook Fight and Repair the Beacon

To survive the overlook fight, the hero needs to stand by the supply beacon and identify strategic locations around the beacon. The most important thing to know about this location is that the hero can jump down the platform in front of the beacon and then turn right and move in a circle behind the beacon, and then back to the beacon. This is probably one of the safety points in the overlook fight (the area behind the beacon) and allows the hero a bit of time to regain some health and ammo. Then head back to the beacon to repair it, and resume the fight against the hyperion mechs. Corrosive weapons and lots of ammo are very important in this fight.

The fight will get tougher and tougher as time goes by, and the hero needs to destroy the Constructor as soon as he sees it. Once the constructor is destroyed, distract any badass loaders and get them away from the beacon. The idea is to prolong the fight to allow Angel to reconnect the beacon and reestablish Sanctuary within the fast travel network. When this happens, a fast travel point to Sanctuary will be established in Overlook.

Once the fast travel point is set up, if the hero dies, he can respawn at the fast travel point within the center of the fight. The options available to the hero at this point are – continue the fight against the hyperion forces, or teleport to Sanctuary.

After a reunion and regroup in Sanctuary, the quest to stop Handsome Jack continues.


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