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Borderlands 2 Defeat Gluttonous Thresher

Updated on September 28, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defeat the Gluttonous Thresher

In Borderlands 2, the hero must retrieve the lunar supply beacon in order to get Sanctuary back into the fast travel network. However, the Gluttonous Thresher has eaten the lunar supply beacon. Luckily, it would appear that the Gluttonous Thresher does not have the digestive system to digest the beacon. The hero has a chance to retrieve the lunar supply beacon from the Gluttonous Thresher. This will guide the hero on how to use various weapons of different elemental effects and different firing rates and magazine sizes to defeat this monstrosity.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Gluttonous Thresher

Borderlands 2 Defeat Gluttonous Thresher
Borderlands 2 Defeat Gluttonous Thresher

Choose the Weapons to Defeat the Gluttonous Thresher

The hero will have three weapon slots for active use of weapons at this stage. The vault hunter must choose his weapons carefully and should have increased the size of his backpack by trading in Eridium at Sanctuary. This will allow the hero access to some backup weapons. To choose the correct weapons for this fight, the hero must understand the defenses of the Gluttonous Thresher, including the enemies that the hero needs to go through to get to the thresher.

The vault hunter will have to go through some loaders in the inner area of the Hyperion Extraction Plant (past the main gates). The loaders will require ammo to defeat. When the hero comes face to face with the thresher, and the thresher's health is reduced by the vault hunter, there will come a time when the thresher will replenish its shields and then burrow itself into the ground. Therefore the hero needs a weapon to take out the shields of the thresher effectively. The hide of the thresher is also very tough and requires like a million ammo units to go through. What this all means for the hero is that he must use a weapon with a specific ammo type to defeat the loaders and then reserve some weapons and their ammunition types for the thresher. The hero should also max out as far as possible the ammo slots. For the assassin hero with a preference for sniper attacks, Eridium was used to increase the ammo slots.

The weapons this particular hero brought along for the fight against the gluttonous thresher include

The pistols (Fresh Power Shot and Flynt's Tinderbox) will be reserved for the loaders and the rest of the weapons will be used for the gluttonous thresher.

Borderlands 2 Rightsizing Presence

Borderlands 2 - an example of a corrosive submachine type of weapon.
Borderlands 2 - an example of a corrosive submachine type of weapon.

Choose the Right Location to Defeat the Gluttonous Thresher

The location is also very important in defeating the gluttonous thresher. The hero should lure the gluttunous thresher out of the inner area. Then turn left out of the main gates and head for this small barrier formed by a treasure cabinet and some crates. There will be a fire barrel next to this barrier. Make sure the hero destroys this fire barrel before engaging the gluttonous thresher.

The gluttonous thresher will chase the hero to the main gates and will not advance further. From this position, the thresher will launch spike pellets at the hero. Do not underestimate the power of the spike pellets, as two of them can reduce the hero's shield to nothing. So hide behind the crates to avoid the spikes. And then from the small opening between the crates and the treasure cabinet, launch attacks on the thresher.

The order of weapons should be – the Zooks Jericho, the Fresh Power Shot and then the Rightsizing Presence. The idea here is to use electricity to destroy the shields, and then weapons with a huge damage or a very rapid rate of fire (and a large magazine with lots of ammo) to damage the gluttonous thresher and prevent the shields from coming back. However, if the thresher does a shields recharge, then use the rocket launcher to smash the shields. After this, resume the fresh power shot or smg attacks.

Show no mercy for the thresher and do not give it a moment of respite from attacks. Eventually, the gluttonous thresher will be defeated.

Grab the beacon and head to Overlook to set up the fast travel point to Sanctuary.


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