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Borderlands 2 Where Angels Fear to Tread

Updated on October 9, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defeat Jet Loaders

Borderlands 2 Defeat Jet Loader in Where Angels Fear to Tread quest
Borderlands 2 Defeat Jet Loader in Where Angels Fear to Tread quest

Borderlands 2 Where Angels Fear to Tread

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter must lead the assault on the bunker. The bunker holds the vault key. However, the road into the bunker is blocked by all sorts of loaders and two constructors; hence this is the road where angels fear to tread. This will focus on the road into the first waypoint, and will guide the hero on how to defeat the first constructor in No Man's Land.

Get to Thousands Cuts and Into No Man's Land

And so the assault begins with the hero leading the charge into the bunker. The assault begins with Thousands Cuts and then heads into No Man's Land. Beyond the opening gate, the hero faces crossfire from just about every direction. On the left, the hero gets pelted by laser bolt attacks from turrets. On the way straight ahead and on the right, the hero is attacked by loaders.

Defeat the Jet Loaders and RPG Loaders

There are new loaders in this type of the borderlands 2 game. First up, the hero has to defeat the jet loaders, along with some BUL loaders. The jet loaders are able to transform from robot to jets. This will allow the Hyperion forces to defeat the buzzards assisting the hero in the assault.The jet loaders look flashy but are easy to defeat. Simply point a corrosive sniper weapon at them and keep firing.

The RPG loaders are robots with rockets built into their shoulder areas. These launch with devastating effects on the hero. Hide behind cover and wait for the rockets to explode around the hero. Then come out and take down the loader with a weapon with a rapid rate of fire.

The jet loaders and the RPG loaders are not the only new variety of Hyperion troops. Beware of the hyperion soldiers and the turret grenades they can launch. There are about four or five waves of attacks by various combinations of these loaders and soldiers before the constructor appears.

Defeat the Constructor

The fight against the constructor can be quite hard, especially if the hero is not high level enough (about 23 or 24 is good enough for this fight). The constructor has several tactics including the ability to launch a nuclear warhead missile attack and the ability to launch multiple hero seeking or heat seeking missiles. These follow the hero like an almost unshakable pest, forcing the hero to his knees on numerous occasions. The constructor also has a laser attack which can create almost instantaneous death if focused on the hero.

The way to defeat the constructor is to find a small opening between two covers and launch multiple persevering corrosive damage weapon attack on the constructor. At this point, be careful of respawning enemies and the overhead rocket attacks of the constructor. If the hero can defeat the other mobs and avoid the rocket attacks, then this constructor will be defeated.

The good news is the hero can now advance beyond the gate; the bad news is that this is not the only constructor around here.


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