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Closet Monster High Doll Obsession

Updated on September 17, 2014

Adult Monster High Collector

Yes, I'm in my early thirties and I collect Monster High dolls. Admitting that I collect dolls designed for children ages 6+ is a little hard because I'm aware of the few raised eyebrows I might be receiving, but what can I say I love the detail of these colorful monster dolls. I wish they were around when I was younger. I would have loved these when I was a kid; they're a lot more vibrant than the generic Barbie dolls I played with as a kid.

I used to display my dolls in my bedroom but it became a bit overwhelming. I had dolls on all four walls. They make create art but too many dolls staring at you can be a bit overwhelming. When I changed rooms I decided for a more sophisticated pallet (see My Purple Bedroom Makeover). I still have a few dolls displayed but they are combined with other items. I have now decided to showcase a few of my Monster High dolls at a time to showcase their individual features. I change them up every couple of weeks to appreciate all my doll purchases.

Photo: mypotlpeople

My Monster High Dolls

My Monster High dolls awaiting their turn in the rotation.

I did not suddenly flip a switch and suddenly I needed to collect dolls. After all, I had only ever collected unicorns as a child and I never amassed more than six. My decent into the doll world was gradual. It stared with a plush Frankie Stein doll I kept seeing at Toysrus when I went to pick up my niece some new toys. I kept joking that I would bring the doll home for her - her mother would have not liked her baby drooling on a monster doll.

Eventually, it was a Monster High doll Spectra Vondergeist that captured by attention; however, not my money. The daughter of ghost Spectra arms and legs went from solid arms and legs to transparent ones. I really loved that doll.

It was around this time that I decided to see if my niece was old enough to play with a set of these dolls so I purchase the Draculaura and Clawd Wolf Schools Out set for her. She played with it for about a day until her mother trying to change Draculaura's clothes pulled off a hand. So they were band - for at least, another year. They became mine. That was the moment of my descent in Monster High doll madness.

I Don't Count But...

I have one of every Monster High characters on the market; including, the plush Voodoo that came with the 2012 San Deigo Comic Con Scarah Screams doll. Not all of my dolls are basics I missed picking up a few of those because I started collecting at the tail end of 2011. Some like Ghoulia Yelps and Frankie Stein I have multiple dolls because I am not good at waiting for new dolls to come out so I got frustrated looking for a new doll and coming out empty handed. Now I'm not a slave to the stores. I have a group on facebook that tells me where the latest dolls have been seen in my city which saves a lot of time and green.

My Holt Hyde was sent to be from New Zealand. It was not available in stores here because they were on to different doll lines so I had it shipped. Surprisingly the price was not bad if you consider shipping. Total I paid $50. People on eBay were asking two times that much.

The DJ Holt Hyde

One of the most expensive dolls to get now is Monster High doll Holt Hyde. He is the blue skinned flaming head alter ego of Jackson Jekyll. He is not in regular circulation now and you have to get him from a third party.

Hot is wearing a red jacket, head phones, purple striped pants with flames on it.

Doll Cost Question Poll

Considering Holt Hyde can for more than $200: how much is too much to spend on one doll?

How much is too much to pay for a doll?

See results

New Monster High Dolls

I am done collecting duplicates of Monster High dolls I concentrate on collecting the new characters now. This year I will buy Headmistress Bloodgood (teacher), Twyla (daugher of the boogie man), and Gigi Grant (genie).

Twyla Monster High Doll
Twyla will be attending Monster High. This daughter of the Boogie Man is expected to hit store shelves in July 2013. She will be accompanied by a pet dust bunny.

Currently Featured

So who do I have currently featured in my room? Currently, I'm displaying Spectra Vondergeist, Skelita Calaveras, Dead Tired Draculaura and Ghoulia Yelps.

I love Spectra's high cheekbones, Skelta's realistic skeleton torso and sugar skull make-up, Dead Tired Draculaura's standing up pigtails, and Ghoulia Yelps coloroing. Each doll has their own personality and story behind them. I have written about all four of these dolls. If you want to learn more about these dolls check out the links below.

Photo Credit: mypotlpeople

Spectra Vondergeist - Monster High
The resident ghost at Monster High is a two toned violet haired monster named Spectra Vondergeist. She first made her debut in the Monster High line in 2011.

Skelita Calaveras
The Monster High Skelita Calaveras is designed with all the traditions of the Day of the Dead in mind. This student of Monster High first appeared as part of the Scaris City of Frights doll line.

I collect Monster High dolls produced by Mattel. What do you collect?

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