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Darksiders 2 Defeat the Guardian

Updated on September 3, 2012

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Guardian

Darksiders 2 - the hero facing his most formidable opponent yet........
Darksiders 2 - the hero facing his most formidable opponent yet........

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Guardian

In Darksiders 2, the Guardian is one of the difficult megabosses that the hero has to face in the Stonefather's vale. The guardian is a gigantic construct with a hammer in one hand and a cannonball weapon in the other. The guardian had been reawaken by the hero horseman Death by putting the three heartstones back his body and head. Unfortunately, one of the heartstones is corrupted, and the guardian turns against the maker and the hero. It's time to put down the guardian and then build him up from scratch. The mammoth fight against the guardian can be both exciting, fun and yet frustrating, especially if the hero does not know the techniques for this fight. This will guide the hero on how to defeat the guardian by using well-timed battle techniques and tactics.

Take Out the Guardian's Right Arm in the First Stage

Before the first stage of the fight against the guardian, there is actually a prologue where the hero is allowed some practice run on his horse Despair. Ride Despair and remember to use ALT on PC to accelerate the horse. Do not just run in a straight line, but run in a zigzig fashion too. Following this, a cut scene will illustrate the weak spots on the guardian's right arm – an array of shadow bombs waiting for the right ammunition to strike them to ignite some explosions.

The guardian will attempt to smash the hero horseman and his horse to smithereens with his hammer. The hero may want to use Despair to outrun the hammer smashes, but it may be better for the hero to dismount and just use ALT to evade and roll away from the hammer strikes. Prepare for the hammer strikes by activating Redemption. The key here is to be positioned at the left of the hammer strike when it happens. Roll away, and then stand up and press Q to aim at the shadow bombs. Release a series of well aimed shots at the shadow bombs. They will explode and cause the right upper limb to be dislodged from the guardian. The shoulder carrying the heartstone (the power source of the guardian) will fall onto the ground.

Switch to deathgrip, and use it to grip onto the heartstone and use the scythes to claw it out of the shoulder plate. The hero can only claw at the heartstone so many times before the guardian summons enough power to reintegrate his right limb back into his body and start the hammer strikes at the hero again. Repeat the techniques described above a second time. When the hero uses deathgrip and strikes at the heartstone a second time, the right arm will be dislodged permanently from the guardian.

Take Out the Guardian's Left Cannonball Arm in the Second Stage

Some would then say that the real fight against the guardian begins. Here the guardian will use his left arm and unleash a giant cannon shadow bomb against the hero. Not only will this giant shadow bomb or orb explode on contact with the hero, it will track and chase the hero across the stonefather's vale. Deadly and annoying.........

There are two ways to evade and overcome this giant shadow bomb without perishing. One is to mount Despair and try to outrun and outmaneuver the giant shadow bomb. When the hero gains some distance from the shadow bomb, turn around, aim and fire well-aimed shots at the bomb until it starts to glow and shimmer.

The alternative and perhaps easier way for the hero already accustomed to dodging and fighting solo is to dismount from Despair and attempt to dodge the giant shadow bomb. The shadow bomb will typically make one semi or quarter circle and then roll towards the hero. Turn and face the shadow bomb. Try to predict the movements of the shadow bomb and then evade by jumping and rolling backwards, to the right or to the left. And then the bomb will make a semi or quarter circle and come back at the hero again. When the shadow bomb is coming towards the hero but is not that near for the hero to have to evade, go into aim mode with Redemption and fire off some well-aimed shots. After a series of shots, the shadow bomb will start to glow and glimmer.

This means that the shadow bomb is about to explode. And it will chase after the hero. So make sure the hero is near the guardian when the shadow bomb is about to start glowing and shimmering. Now mount Despair and make a mad dash for a spot near or beyond the guardian's legs. The shadow bomb will explode near the guardian, temporarily disabling it.

The guardian's left upper limb will drop to the ground, revealing a series of ledges and bars to climb onto. Climb onto the bar hanging from the guardian and spot the second heartstone in the distance. Change to deathgrip mode, jump and make a grip for the heartstone. Rip it out of the shoulder plate. The first attempt will fail.

The hero will drop to the ground, and will have to repeat the above techniques for a second bite at the cherry or heartstone. At the second attempt, the second heartstone will be ripped out. Watch the cutscene as the hero defeats the guardian.

It's time to head to the Tree of Life and Death.


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