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Darksiders 2 Find the Second Soul

Updated on September 14, 2012

Darksiders 2 Find the Second Soul

In DS2, the hero horsman Death is sent to find and get the second soul. When facing Judicator, turn left and head past the door. This part of the quest involves large amounts of combat which can be quite good for the moderately powered up hero keen to show off his skills. In addition to the usual creatures in the realm of the dead, there are at least two mini-bosses in this quest. And plenty of obstacles too. This will guide the hero on how to develop tactics to defeat the monsters when finding the second soul, and how to overcome the obstacles to get the second soul.

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Tormentor

Past the door on the left in Judicator's arena, the hero arrives at a bridge which he must cross. Beyond the door past the bridge, the hero will have his first major battle in trying to find the second soul. The battle is initially easy, with plenty "normal undead". However, when these are defeated, the real monster - the Tormentor arrives. The Tormentor is a grotesque bundle of meat and undeadness and can dish out a mean hit at the hero. However, his mass is also his weakness. Arm the hero with deathgrip and the most powerful scythes and secondary weapon. The scythes can be possessed weapons, available from Vulgrim as "random elite items". Use deathgrip to grab hold of the tormentor's large mass, particularly his shoulders. Swing across to him and attack the tormentor with lots of scythe moves. Finish off with a secondary weapon hit and then roll away to avoid the attacks of the tormentor. Repeat this a few times, and the tormentor will be defeated.

Find the Key for the Skeletal Locked Door in Judicator's Tomb

After the tormentor is defeated, survey the area. There are two exits from this area. One of them is a skeletal locked door. The hero needs to find the key and open the skeletal locked door.

The other exit will lead the hero to an area with an interdiction panel and a series of obstacles. The first thing to do is to activate the interdiction panel. Now command a dead lord to go to the panel to the right of the interdiction panel. Now move the hero and begin to transverse the series of obstacles right up to the panel (with the dead lord). Continue past the panel and transverse more obstacles and reach an area with a lever. Activate this lever to cause a secret wall with a deathgrip ring to appear. By going into an alcove later in this area, and using deathgrip on the ring, the hero can collect some treasures.

The real objectives of the hero at the moment is to find the key for the skeletal locked door. So head pass the lever and move into chambers with skeletons and undead crawler type beasts. Defeat them and open the chest to find a skeleton key. Now return to the skeletal locked door by spotting a crack on the floor (in this area, opposite the lever) that the hero can drop down onto. This will bring the hero back to the area with the interdiction panel. Head back and open the skeletal locked door.

Darksiders 2 Get the Second Soul

Darksiders 2 Find and Get the Second Soul by defeating the stalker and his minions
Darksiders 2 Find and Get the Second Soul by defeating the stalker and his minions

Find and Get the Second Soul

The hero will reach the base of a circular tower. He must transverse some obstacles to get to the top. These series of obstacles may be difficult to transverse because at some point, the hero needs to do a deathgrip pull twice and then climb up a wall. Keep trying until the hero succeeds in this difficult part of the obstacles.

The top of the tower will contain the second soul. However, the hero must defeat the undead stalker and his minions. Once the stalker and his minions are defeated, return to Judicator with the second soul, and prepare to get the final soul.


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