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Darksiders 2 Find the Final Lost Soul

Updated on September 15, 2012

Darksiders 2 Find the Lost Souls

In DS2, the hero needs to find the final lost soul. The journey to get the final soul is blocked mostly by mini-bosses and less so by obstacles and puzzles. But they still exist. This will provide a guide on the tactics that the hero can use to defeat the monsters and mini-bosses to get the final soul. It will also provide a brief guide on how to get past the obstacles and puzzles in the final part of this quest.

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Brutal Skeletal Warrior to Get the Final Soul

From Judicator's arena, run past the door and bridge and enter an area with an elevator. The brutal skeletal warrior has been encountered before, but never on an elevator. This elevator fight makes it more challenging because the brutal skeletal warrior has a mean swing and the hero needs to dodge that by rolling around or jumping backwards. However, if the hero jumps back too much, or rolls too much, then he will end up past the elevator platform boundaries and end up in the pit below the elevator. In addition, as the hero may recall, the brutal skeletal warrior can block the attacks of the hero with his large shield. The best way to deal with the brutal skeletal warrior on the elevator is to use Interdiction and the dead lord to help the hero out. The hero can also use exhume to summon some ghouls to distract the warrior some more. Whilst the warrior is distracted, the hero can attack the back of the warrior (where he cannot use a shield). By doing this repeatedly, the brutal skeletal warrior will be defeated.

DS2 Transverse the Obstacles to Reach the Final Soul

After defeating the brutal skeletal warrior, the hero needs to activate the elevator to make it go up to the second floor. However, the elevator becomes stuck at some point due to some crystalline structures. As the hero looks around, he will see some ledges and bars on the wall that allow the hero to transverse higher into the upper reaches of the elevator shaft. The key here is to get a shadow bomb and destroy the crystalline structure so that the elevator can go all the way up to the top. The hero needs to activate Interdiction and command the dead lord to stand on the correct panel (there are two panels here). Once the first correct panel is stepped on, the hero can transverse the obstacles and wall to reach a higher point. Once that point is reached, get the dead lord to stand on the next panel. This will cause gratings to come down and allow the hero to transverse more obstacles and get to the platform with the shadow bomb. Grab the shadow bomb and throw it at the crystalline structure. The elevator will start rising. Jump onto it and rise with the elevator to the final floor.

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Bonekeeper

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Bonekeeper by shooting at it from Redemption. It is also necessary to clear the skeletons attacking the hero first to do this.
Darksiders 2 Defeat the Bonekeeper by shooting at it from Redemption. It is also necessary to clear the skeletons attacking the hero first to do this.

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Bonekeeper

The final part to get the last soul for Judicator is not mainly about solving puzzles. It's about battles after battles with undead. The hero may want to fast travel to Ostegoth outside the Eternal Throne to refill on health potions and wrath potions. On the top floor, as the hero reaches out to get the last soul, skeletons are raised from the ground to attack the hero. The necromancer is the Bone Keeper. The Bonekeeper hangs on chains high above the hero. Redemption is needed here. The hero can hack through waves of waves of skeletons and not have any effect on the bonekeeper or in winning the war here. The key here is to physically attack the bonekeeper. To do this, the hero must first distract the skeletons. Summon ghouls to do this. Then whilst they are distracted, keep hitting the bonekeeper repeatedly with bullets from Redemption. Using this technique, the Bonekeeper will be defeated.

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Bone Giant

If the hero thinks he is home and dry after this, he is sadly mistaken. The bone giant rises from the piles of skeletal bones and attacks! Although he looks mean, the bone giant is easy to dispatch. By this time, the hero would have amassed a series of wrath moves, including Murder, Exhume, Teleport Slash and Harvest. Use everything here. In addition, the hero may want to use new wrath skills like Unstoppable. Increase the strength of the hero with Unstoppable and then hit at the Bone Giant repeatedly. Dodge when appropriate to avoid the attacks of the bone giant. When health is low, heal up or use teleport slash with healing. The Bone Giant may look big, but can be put down using the correct combinations of battle combos and wrath moves.

Return to Judicator with the final soul, and subjugate the second dead lord. It's time to get acquinated with the final and most challenging dead lord........


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