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Darksiders 2 Fire of the Mountain Quest

Updated on August 18, 2012

Darksiders 2 Fire of the Mountain Quest

In Darksiders 2, the hero horseman Death enters the portal and arrives at a strange new land. The hero meets an Elder Maker and realizes that this is the land of the Makers. And the Tree of Life can be found here. However. he must first reverse the Corruption that has taken over this once lovely place and has turned its people against themselves. The Elder Maker instructs Death to speak to the forge sister Alya. Alya tasks the hero with reigniting the Forge of Tri-Stone. This is the Fire of the Mountain quest. This will guide the hero in discovering the sights and sounds of Tri-stone (where to find the merchants and trainers in Darksiders 2) and how to find the Cauldron and solve the Fire of the Mountain quest.

Darksiders 2 Tri-stone

Darksiders 2 Tri-stone
Darksiders 2 Tri-stone

Darksiders 2 Tri-Stone

The hero enters Tri-Stone. There are several important people in Tri-Stone. Upon entering Tri-Stone, the hero will meet Thane, who can teach the hero combat move combos. Thane has the following list of combat moves combo to teach the hero -

  • Harvester Revenge (this is free - be sure to get it!)
  • Meteor Strike - the hero launches himself onto the ground.
  • Twin Cannon - the hero flings the enemies over his head.
  • Painbringer - this attack closes the gap between the hero and the enemies, and allows the hero to slam weak enemies onto the ground.
  • Gravel Wizard - heavy attack that slams enemies onto the ground.
  • Godfist - allows th hero to close distance and throw light enemies off their feeet.
  • Harvester Slam - the Reaper appears to slam the enemies
  • Hellraiser - whilst in the air the hero summons the Reaper to attack the enemy from the air.
  • Tremor Smash - the ground shakes and enemies are damaged.
  • Whirlwind combo - the hero's swings are swerved around in a circle, inflicting damage to large groups of enemies.

The hero can also challenge Thane to a duel if he so wishes. Make sure he has learnt enough damaging moves from the master before taking him on.

From the area where the hero met Thane, if he turns right, he will go up the stairs and meet with a blindfolded woman the Shaman Muria. The shaman will give the hero the Shaman's Craft quest.The hero can also purchase potions and talisman from the shaman. Healing potions and wrath potions are especially important for the hero in combat; hence the shaman is an important woman to return to repeatedly. Each health potion will cost 1000 gold though, so be very conservative indeed.

The other stairway will lead to the forge sister Alya. Speak to her to further the Fire of the Mountain quest. After speaking to her, the hero will need to speak to Thane again. Alya will be able to sell the hero scythes and other equipment once the Fire of the Mountain quest is completed.

Darksiders 2 Get to the Cauldron

Darksiders 2 Get to the Cauldron
Darksiders 2 Get to the Cauldron

Darksiders 2 Get to the Cauldron

Alya will describe the route that the hero needs to take to get to the Cauldron, where the fire of the mountain quest can be continued. The hero needs to go out of the correct exit from Tri-stone. The correct exit will allow the hero to reach the Stonefather's Vale. This is a vast greeny expanse with a one eyed monstrosity blocking the way straight ahead.

The way to continue is to turn right and head into the Weeping Crag. The hero will then reach what looks like a ruined temple area. Cross this area and head into Baneswood. Follow the golden yellow circle on the map and reach the Charred Pass. Finally the hero will arrive at the entrance to the Cauldron via the Charred Pass. For a swift journey to the Cauldron, simply use Death's horse Despair and ride all the way to the destination; do not fight the monsters along the way.

Note that along the way, the hero will have the opportunity to seek out Vulgrim. Simply follow the merchant sign near the Weeping Crag and the hero will find Vulgrim. As per the last time, Vulgrim will be selling some surprise wares and legendary items. He will also offer a quesst for the hero - the Book of the Dead quest.

Darksiders 2 Help Karn Defeat the Constructs

Outside the entrance into the Cauldron, the hero will meet Karn. Karn, or Pup, is surrounded by constructs. Help him put down the constructs.

When the constructs are defeated, ask Karn about the Shaman's Craft, and he will tell the hero to seek out the Stalker's bone.

Now head into the Cauldron and prepare to unleash the fire of the mountain back into the land.


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