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Darksiders 2 Phariseer's Tomb

Updated on September 12, 2012

Darksiders 2 Phariseer's Tomb

In DS 2, the hero must awaken and “recruit” the three dead Lords. The Lord of Bones wants the three dead lords by his side. Only then will he grant the knowledge of the location of the Well of Souls to the hero. The first dead lord to try to recruit or command is Phariseer. He can be found in Phariseer’s Tomb (obviously). However, the path to finding and subjugating Phariseer is fraught with obstacles, puzzles and monsters. The hero must solve a series of altitude related puzzles in Phariseer’s tomb to advance in the game. This will guide the hero on how to solve the puzzles and overcome the obstacles in Phariseer’s tomb and complete the quest.

Darksiders 2 Moving Pillars in Phariseer's Tomb

Darksiders 2 Moving Pillars is crucial in Phariseer's Tomb
Darksiders 2 Moving Pillars is crucial in Phariseer's Tomb

Enter Phariseer’s Tomb

Enter the Maw, open up the world map and look for Phariseer’s Tomb. This tomb should not be hard to find. Now enter Phariseer’s Tomb. The welcome committee here will be mummies, of the undead variety. Defeat them and use the elevator to descend down. From the elevator chamber, the hero will reach an area with a panel facing a large gate. Stepping on the panel will open the gate, but it will shut again as soon as the hero steps off the panel. Look around in this area for a large movable pillar. Push the pillar towards the gate. Now whilst standing on the panel, use deathgrip to grab the shadow bomb somewhere on the wall. Step on the panel to raise the gate and launch the shadow bomb onto the pillar. The explosion will move the pillar forwards. Move the hero from the panel. The gate will drop down and be prevented from closing completely by the pillar.

Now move further into Phariseer’s Tomb.

Take the Phariseer’s Tomb Elevator to the First Level

The hero will arrive at an elevator. The elevator will take the hero to four levels. The hero needs to descend to the first level by hitting the crystal with the first level symbol next to it.

When the hero arrives at the first level, move the hero towards a large chamber with two cages (with a ring in each, for deathgrip). Follow the video and transverse the wall and overcome the obstacles to cross the large pit to get to the other side. The other side contains a chest with a skeleton key in it.

With the skeleton key, move back towards the elevator. The hero will be trapped in the corridor and a new type of monsters in darksiders 2 – the wraiths will attack the hero. Defeat them, and move on to the elevator. Use the elevator to get to the third level. At the third level, there will be skeletal locked door. The hero should use the skeleton key to open this.

Defeat Phariseer’s Tomb Monsters

Once past this door, the hero will be locked in a relatively large chamber with more wraiths. There are about three or four of them. Use wrath moves and combat combos to defeat them. Then a mean looking brutal skeletal warrior will arrive to attack the hero. This brutal skeletal warrior has a large shield which he uses to prevent attacks from the hero’s ranged attacks and melee moves. The hero may have to resort to using reaper form to defeat this monster.

Transverse More Obstacles in Phariseer’s Tomb

When the monsters are defeated, the hero will continue deeper into Phariseer’s Tomb and arrive at a series of obstacles initially blocked by a crystalline structure. Destroy the crystalline structures by firing at the shadow bomb and transverse the obstacles and get down to somewhere between the first and second levels. Here the hero will activate a mechanism which will cause the bridge between two initially disconnected areas to rise. Spot a movable pillar here. Move the pillar across the bridge and place it on the panel in the chamber across the bridge. The pillar will rise up to a certain point.

Now return to the obstacles that brought the hero down to this level and transverse the obstacles to return to the third level. Go to the elevator and allow the hero to descend to the second level. However, the elevator is caught somewhere in between (due to the pillar above). Move past more obstacles at this level and eventually move into Phariseer’s chamber within Phariseer’s Tomb. It’s time to subjugate this dead lord.

Once Phariseer is defeated, move on to the next dead lord. At this point, the hero will be taught how to use the gear Interdiction. Interdiction is a critical gear that the hero needs to use in the next few quests.


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