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Deus Ex Human Revolution Obtaining the Typhoon from Sarif Factoring Lab

Updated on September 22, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Assembly Lab

Deus Ex Human Revolution Assembly Lab
Deus Ex Human Revolution Assembly Lab
Deus Ex Human Revolution Assembly Lab Reaching the other half of the room
Deus Ex Human Revolution Assembly Lab Reaching the other half of the room

Deus Ex Human Revolution Sarif Assembly Lab

After going past the outer perimeters of the Sarif manufacturing plant, the next stage involves infiltrating the sarif assembly lab to get access to a lift that will take Jensen into the Factoring Lab and to obtaining the typhoon, an augmentation prototype that no doubt will enhance Jensen's augmentations to the maximum. The Sarif Assembly Lab will only be accessible once the first door to the sarif assembly lab is hacked.

There are two main options to go past the four guards in the sarif assembly labs - stealth or full frontal assault on the guards. Stealth will be chosen here, and patience is also needed. To get past the Sarif Assembly Lab guards, first head into cover behind the stairs and go through cover all the way down to the bright yellow sign in the upper half of the chamber. Once there, observe the movements of the guards, and when the two guards directly ahead and to the right of Jensen, and also within the centre of the chamber is not looking, crouch move to the next few boxes as shown. Continue down the boxes in this same fashion (under cover), and make haste for the row of crates and boxes at the end of the chamber. Again when the guards are not looking, head for the exit, and into the next corridor, where security cameras await.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Bypass the Security Camera

Deus Ex Human Revolution Bypass the Security Camera, remember to take out the guard first
Deus Ex Human Revolution Bypass the Security Camera, remember to take out the guard first

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Past the Security Cameras

After going through the assembly lab chamber part 1, the next stage of the deus ex human revolution challenge is to get past the security cameras. This is actually quite easy, as the security cameras will do a one sweep from left to right or vice versa. When the beam is in the centre of the arc, and moving towards Jensen, fast (crouch) move underneath the security camera beam and head into the next corridor, beyond the sight of the security cameras. If detected, Jensen has a few seconds where the cameras are only on "Suspicious". Head beyond the reach of the beam, and the "Suspicious" will turn back to normal. For the first security camera, it is necessary to deal with the guard walking back and forth. When the guard is walking away from Jensen and the camera beam is arcing away from Jensen, stealth strike the guard, and then drag his body beyond the camera vision. The path is clear to deal with the camera above.

After getting past the first camera, Jensen can either head into the meeting room in the centre of this part of the sarif assembly lab, and take out the remaining two guards. Or proceed to the X on the radar to the lower left of the screen, and head into the second part of the assembly lab. This may require hacking into a more advanced version of a level 1 security lock.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Assembly Lab Part 2

The stealth mode through the deus ex human revolution assembly lab part 2 looks strikingly similar to the assembly lab part 1 above, except Jensen starts at the bottom of the stairs. Using the same stealth techniques as shown above, move around and behind the boxes to a broken yellow glass panel at the other end of the room. This next part could be a bit trickier. When all the guards are not looking, fast move to the elevator, press the elevator button, and up the lift into the Factoring Lab. This whole process is long, and Jensen could be detected. Patience is the key, and wait for all the guards to turn their backs to Jensen.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Obtaining the Typhoon from the Factoring Lab

Once the elevators open, head into the next stage, where Jensen will face some security cameras. The easiest way to go through this is to locate a small crawlway hidden behind a crate as Jensen comes into the corridor. Move the crate aside, crawl around the crawlway, and then emerge just outside the Factoring Lab. Head inside the Factoring Lab and a very nice cinematic cut scene will appear which will reward the player for the stealth walk through the whole sarif manufacturing plant. This cut scene will introduce more intrigue in the game, and asks more questions. However, for the moment, Jensen obtains the Typhoon. Time for some serious augmentation upgrades!

Next up - Showdown with Zeke Sanders.

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