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Deus Ex Human Revolution Showdown with Sanders

Updated on September 9, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting to Sanders

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting to Sanders - take out this guard
Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting to Sanders - take out this guard
Deus Ex Human Revolution - down the shaft into the toilet and then to Sanders
Deus Ex Human Revolution - down the shaft into the toilet and then to Sanders

Deus Ex Human Revolution Showdown with Sanders

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen is asked by Sarif to infiltrate the Sarif manufacturing plant and take down Sanders, the head of the men who have taken over the Sarif manufacturing plant. In order to have a showdown with Sanders, Jensen must first reach Sanders. To reach Sanders, Jensen may use stealth to head into the interior of the plant, followed by factoring lab to obtain the Typhoon augmentation. Next Jensen must make his way to Sanders.

To reach Sanders and have a showdown with Sanders, first head out of the factoring lab containing the Typhoon augmentation. Follow the X on the radar.

This will eventually lead Jensen into a corridor where there are more guards. The guards finish talking and disperse. Wait for them to disperse in various directions, then move on to the left. One of the guards will be looking down a balcony and his back will be facing Jensen. Opportunity to take him out using the stunner. Next directly ahead is a shaft. Open the shaft and this will lead to a crawlway. Move into the crawlway, and crawl all the way into the toilet downstairs. Open the toilet door. Be careful - there are four guards in this chamber, and the nearest one may be looking when Jensen opens the toilet door. Always crouch and then move rapidly to the crates and boxes ahead. Continue making your way forwards until you are almost close to the first guard. When he is not looking, stun him, and then hide his body behind the crates or toilet.

The path to Sanders should then be pretty clear - move on the left behind the high desks under cover until Jensen reaches the stairwell on the left. Head up the stairwell, and the head office which incidentally contains Sanders can be reached. Open this, and be ready for a showdown with Sanders.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Negotiating with Sanders

Sanders is in the office and is holding Josie hostage. It is necessary to negotiate with Sanders for the hostage to be released. Jensen will tell Sanders hat he has been set up by someone, and that there is an augment in his team - the hacker that was in the Typhoon augment room. Sanders tries to deny this, believing it to be a ruse to distract him so that Jensen can attack him. Sanders takes this opportunity and threatens to kill Josie.

Negotiate with Sanders by pressing the buttons of Humble, followed by Empathy. Sanders will drop his gun and let the hostage go. He explains his situation with Jensen.Jensen lets Sanders go, and this will complete the deus ex human revolution manufacturing plant mission.

Remember to collect the Praxis chip in the room, and then head to the helipad to talk to Malik. Perhaps a relationship is brewing here?

Next stage - retrieving the hacker cranial augments from the police station interior.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Negotiating with Sanders


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