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Diablo 3 Sword of the Stranger Quest

Updated on May 20, 2012

Diablo 3 Sword of the Stranger Quest

In Diablo 3, the hero rescues the nameless man from the crater of the fallen star within the cathedral. The hero speaks to Deckard Cain and the nameless man, and is tasked with the quest of retrieving the sword of the stranger from various places around New Tristram. It is hoped that the sword of the stranger will jolt the nameless man's memories and allow him to help fend off the impending apocalypse. This will help provide a synopsis for the various components of the broken or glowing sword quest, and guide the hero in its fulfillment.

Diablo 3 Get the First Glowing Sword Shard

The hero heads to the cemetery of the forsaken waypoint to return to the cemetery. Here the hero must head northwest through the gate to the Fields of Misery to find the Khazra Den. Within the fields of misery, the hero will be faced with the moon clan warriors, plague carriers, burrowing leapers and other mutated monsters. For this particular hero, the Khazra Den is located somewhere in the center of the fields of misery to the northwest of the cemetery of the forsaken waypoint. Within the Khazra Den, the hero must defeat the cultists to retrieve one of the shards of the glowing sword. Defeat them easily using the wizard abilities. Meet (the apparition) of Maghda for the first time. She wants the glowing sword too. Retrieve the shard and thwart her efforts...... for now.

Return to Deckard Cain and speak to him about Maghda. Leah will then join the hero in his quest for a short time.

Diablo 3 Location of Khazra Den

Diablo 3 Location of Glowing Sword Shard Within the Khazra Den
Diablo 3 Location of Glowing Sword Shard Within the Khazra Den

Diablo 3 the Festering Woods and Enter the Temple of the Drowned

The quest for the glowing sword continues as the hero travels through the old mill and into a village besieged by a small band of thieves. Here the thieves have taken a lady hostage. The hero must defeat the thieves to rescue the damsel in distress. By doing so, the hero will have incurred the wrath of the thieves guild. No doubt, the thieves guild will create countless trouble for the hero later on. For now, the hero has the “privilege” of meeting the diablo 3 second follower – the scoundrel Lyndon. Choose between Lyndon and Kormac and carry on.

Within the festering wood, the hero can trigger off an event. Launch the event if the hero so chooses. Back on the main quest, the hero must retrieve the beacon of honor from the warrior's rest, and also the beacon of light from the crypt of the ancients. The hero must put the two beacons on the pedestals outside the entrance to the temple of the drowned. Once this is done, the temple of the drowned will be opened and the hero can proceed. Head within and eliminate the foes inside to retrieve the second piece of the broken sword.

Legacy of Deckard Cain

Diablo 3 Get the Third Piece of the Broken Sword

Finally to get the third piece of the broken sword, the hero must engage the services of the ferryman at Tristram. Get across to Wortham and fight your way through lots of cultists to the chapel of Wortham. Defeat Urzel Mordreg and the berserkers and speak to the priest. Enter the chapel cellar and learn of Maghda's diversion tactics. At this time, Maghda has taken the opportunity to launch a sneaky assault on Deckard Cain, Leah and the nameless stranger. Return to New Tristram promptly and watch the cutscene as the nameless man is kidnapped. The sword of the stranger is complete, but Deckard Cain dies........

It's time to chase after the Coven and into the Halls of Agony and the Chamber of Suffering.


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