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Dishonored Emily's Whereabouts

Updated on October 16, 2012

Dishonored Find Emily

Dishonored Find Emily in Emily's Whereabouts Mission
Dishonored Find Emily in Emily's Whereabouts Mission

Dishonored Emily's Whereabouts

In Dishonored, the hero must find Emily to take over the Empress's place, once the Lord Regent has been overthrown. Emily can be found in the Golden Cat. However, the way into the Golden Cat is fraught with dangers. And there are numerous ways into the Golden Cat. This will guide the hero on how to complete Slackjaw's optional quest – to find Slackjaw's Missing Man, Crowley, and then enter Dr Galvani's offices. It will also guide the hero on how to break into the Golden Cat via the Captain's Chair Hotel, eliminate the Pendleton twins and then find and get Emily to safety.

Dishonored Get to Dunwall Whiskey Distillery and Find Slackjaw

Samuel the Boatman will drop the hero Corvo at the Distillery District pier area. From there, head up the stairs, take out the guard(s) and then follow the arrow on the HUD to the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery. Head inside and find Slackjaw. He will tell the hero a way to get into the Golden Cat, but only if the hero can find him his missing man, Crowley at Dr Galvani's offices.

Get to Dr Galvani's Office

From the Distillery District, turn right into a corridor. The hero assassin will be attacked by enemy assassins. Defeat them and then head past the passageway that leads to Griff's makeshift shop. Turn left and get up to the boulevard. The hero must get across the boulevard to Dr Galvani's Office. The stealthy hero should blink across from cover to cover, taking out any guards that stand in the way.

Enter Dr Galvani's office and head upstairs. Along the way, the hero will encounter more guards. Also, there will be a safe that the hero can break into. The combination number for the safe lock for Dr Galvani's office is 287.

On one of the rooms in the top floor will be Crowley's body. From around the corner, take down the guards with some crossbow attacks. Go inside and get the audiograph from the body. Return to Slackjaw and give him the audiograph. Slackjaw will give the hero two options -

  • go via the Captain's Chair Hotel and get to the Golden Cat that way.
  • undertake another quest for him, and he will take care of the Pendleton twins.

Get to the Captain's Chair Hotel

This particular hero opts to get to the Captain's Chair Hotel. The hero should get to Captain's Chair Hotel initially via the way he got to Dr Galvani's Offices (see above). However, instead of making his way across the boulevard, the hero should turn right and blink across the shrubs along the boulevard and then turn right again and descend into the lower reaches of the city. From here, the hero should make his way across to the other side of the boulevard (but underneath the boulevard). The hero will know he is on the right track when he encounters Granny Rags along the way.

On the other side of the boulevard, climb up back into the boulevard via Gaff Street and sneak across to the entrance of the Captain's Chair Hotel. Along the way, the hero will also meet a woman being harassed by some guards. Defeat the guards and the woman will give the hero the key to the art dealer's apartment.

After dealing with the guards, sneak across the boulevard to the entrance of the Captain's Chair Hotel. If the guards are alerted, use a combination of powers, melee skills and ranged attacks to defeat them. Then head upwards to the top of the Captain's Chair Hotel and enter the Golden Cat area via the door at the top.

Get Into the Golden Cat and Eliminate the Pendleton Twins

Coming out of the Captain's Chair Hotel, the hero will arrive at the rooftop of some houses outside the Golden Cat. To get into the Golden Cat, the hero needs to get two levels of blink to be able to teleport further and higher.

So blink left to the rooftop just before the garden of the Golden Cat. Spot a guard here and defeat him. Then head to the entrance of the Golden Cat and use blink to get to the second floor. Open the door and enter the Golden Cat.

The way forwards from here is straightforward. The hero can either use all stealth or all combat or a combination of both to get to the Pendleton twins. Here are the key locations -

  • Morgan Pendleton is found in the Ivory Room (second floor).
  • Mister Bunting (art dealer) is found in the Silver Room (second floor).
  • Curtis Pendleton is found in the Smoking Room (third floor).
  • Search the Madam's Office for a note indicating Emily's location.
  • The Golden Cat Master Key (for the VIP escape route) is found in the Madam's Office.

Go to the various rooms to accomplish the hero's objectives. Once the Pendleton twins are eliminated, go to the Courtesan Dormitory to get Emily. The Courtesan's Dormitory and Madam's Office are found in the courtesan quarters which are slightly separated but still joined to the main Golden Cat area.

Once all the objectives are achieved, the only things left to do are to join Emily in Boatman Samuel's boat, or to eliminate all the guards in the Golden Cat and then look around the place for bone charms and runes.

Next mission - assembling the team of loyalists by adding on a physician.


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