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Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Get the Key from the Pilgrim's Gauntlet

Updated on May 16, 2013

In Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, the hero and party enter the Pilgrim’s Gauntlet. This is a fiery place where the team must battle pyre saurian and then run through a gauntlet of rogue and sorcerer undeads to reach the second void key. Then head back to the Fortress to open the door with the key and descend into the lower levels of Bitterblack Isle.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Defeat the Pyro Saurians of Pilgrim’s Gauntlet

Before going into the Pilgrim’s Gauntlet, the hero should bring some non-fire spells into the area (for the mage hero). This is because the pyre saurians are fiery creatures. They are visibly on fire, and are definitely visible, unlike the stealthy sulphur saurians. Fire spells will not affect the saurian very much. Let your fighters and archers tank the mage hero, and evade the pyre saurian as much as possible. Run around and then use high Levin, creating lightning strikes on the pyre saurians.

There are three pyre saurians in the corridor of fire. The first one is isolated from the other two. Take out the first pyre saurian without bringing in the other two pyre saurians. When the first pyre saurian is defeated, move on to the second and third pyre saurians. When the two pyre saurians attack in combination, it’s a narrow space in the corridor to evade the fire breath of the pyre saurian and their melee attacks. Do it correctly, and then counter with lightning strikes from beyond the fire breath of the pyre saurians.

Dragon's Dogma Beware the Undead Dragon

The undead dragon will arise after the hero gets the second void key. Fight or run - the choice is yours.
The undead dragon will arise after the hero gets the second void key. Fight or run - the choice is yours.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Location of Second Void Key

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen get second void key from the Pilgrim's Gauntlet
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen get second void key from the Pilgrim's Gauntlet

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Run the Pilgrim’s Gauntlet to Get the Void Key

Once the pyre saurians are defeated, the hero and party will head down the corridor. There will be lots of spiders here. The corridor of spiders will lead down to a large battle arena full of undead rogues and some undead sorcerers. For a preview of the fight ahead, the hero can actually head upstairs and look down. The undeads look to be pawns of the fallen arisen and they yearn to serve the dark arisen again.

The pawns of the undead arisen are not to be trifled with. The rogues have such high defense that they are almost invulnerable. Add to that the sorcerors’ spells and the hero and party will have their hands full. To damage the rogues, the hero and party need to strike precisely when the rogues just finish their attacks. The hero and party can use the corridor leading into the battle arena as an alcove to attack the rogues. This will prevent the entire undead army from overwhelming the party.

If the party has trouble finishing off the undead army, then it may be better to make a gauntlet run for the void key. The void key is found by heading from the corridor and then turning right direct into the first corridor. There are other corridors to explore in this battle arena, but the hero may not have the time or luxury, given the rogues and sorcerers are chasing after them at every corner. If there is enough time, the party should definitely explore the corridors because they will receive some pretty cool Bitterblack Isle gear.

Anyhow, deal with the undead sorcerers and the rogues as desired and get the void key. As the hero comes out of the corridor with the void key, an undead dragon will manifest itself in the battle arena. Run for your life, or stay to defeat the dragon.

Then return to the Fortress bottom level and use the void key to enter the deeper levels.


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