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Dragon's Dogma Watergod's Altar Quest

Updated on June 15, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Watergod's Altar Quest

In Dragon's Dogma, the hero must speak to Ser Maximilian and then Father Geffrey inside the Gran Soren Castle area cathedral.The party must head to the watergod's altar to protect a survey party investigating the ruins that may offer insight into the dragon. The hero must make his way to the falls near the waycastle and speak to Haslett who has already arrived there. This will guide the hero and party to complete the watergod's altar quest by finding the ruins near the waycastle and then exploring the ruins to find Jean.

Dragon's Dogma Find Ruins Near Waycastle

Dragon's Dogma Find Ruins Near Waycastle - the path to the ruins lies on the left, turn right to see Gran Soren
Dragon's Dogma Find Ruins Near Waycastle - the path to the ruins lies on the left, turn right to see Gran Soren

Dragon's Dogma Find the Ruins near the Waycastle

The hero must find the watergod's altar ruins near the waycastle. Make your way to the waycastle from Gran Soren. Go past the waycastle and continue making your way to the encampment. However, before reaching the encampment, the hero should note an area where the path diverges to a narrow path to the right, and the encampment ahead. If the hero turns around at this point, then Gran Soren will be on the hero's right (as shown in the picture). Head down this narrow path, and continue along the way, defeating some goblins before reaching two gentle slopes with a stream in between. The stream is made by some waterfalls in between the two slopes.

Now climb the gentle slope on the left. Find a shallow point in the stream between the two slopes and cross the stream to the slope on the right side. Head up this slope and spot Haslett in the distance just before the large waterfall. Speak to him and accept his quest to enter the watergod's altar to find Jean.

Dragon's Dogma Find Jean in the Watergod's Altar Ruins

Go past the waterfall and enter the ruins. Go through the narrow passageway and defeat some bats along the way. The hero should then go up a gentle slope (on the right) and onto some dry land where there are some rats. Either run past these annoying creatures or blast them into oblivion. Use the map and recognize this as the watergod's altar first floor. There is another narrow passageway here. Move ahead and notice three paths. The one to the left leads to some skeletons and treasure. The one straight ahead leads to a pathway and cavern flooded with water downstairs and a bridge suspended in the air (initially). The path on the right leads to a locked door with a spherical lock in the centre. The key is to insert an orb into this slot and unlock the door.

The hero should move straight on at the intersection. He will then notice two stairways leading down, and an empty swtich box (without a lever) ahead and slightly to the left. Go down the stairways on the left and be besieged by bats...... and saurians. These saurians can just jump out of hiding places or from stealth mode to attack the hero. Cut off their tails to damage them easily. The hero's mid to high level fighter pawns can do this easily whilst the mage hero annihilates the tailless saurians from some distance back. When the saurians are defeated, more saurians pour out of a chamber in this area. Defeat them and go into that chamber to pick up some treasure and the very important watergod's altar lever. Go back upstairs and insert the lever into the switch box to allow the bridge to descend and create a passageway for the hero to cross, above the water.

Here the hero must be careful. Move cautiously and notice two skeletal mages standing on a platform near the center of this watery area. They will fire off fireballs and lightning bolts at the hero. The combination will destroy the hero and his party through a combination of damage and stun. To defeat them, deal first with the surprise attack from the first saurian when the hero enters this area. Now run forwards towards the right before the skeletal mages can attack. Hide behind the pillars and let your fighter pawns jump across onto the platform and defeat them. The hero can help by igniting the skeletal mages with High Comestion. With the mages defeated, return to the entrance of this area and head left.

Defeat more saurians who jump out to surprise the hero and party. The hero should follow the path and to find a large chamber with a cyclops in it. Defeating a cyclops has been covered previously. When the cyclops is vanquished, search his body for the watergod altar key (the red orb). The red orb will unlock the door described above.

Note that Jean's body can be found in this large chamber. Report his demise to Haslett before opening the locked door. Haslett will task the hero with finding the altar slates.


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