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Dream Lites and Other Constellation Night Lights for Kids

Updated on March 11, 2014

Bedtime is More Fun with Constellation Night Lights

Most kids are a little afraid of the dark, and that can sometimes make bedtime challenging. But these constellation night lights for kids can make bedtime fun!. Not only do they provide a bit of light to make the room less scary, but they also come in fun and cuddly animal shapes and project colorful stars on the ceiling. Some even play music. Kids will love these Dream Lites and other constellation night lights, and parents will love how easy it is to get their kids to bed.

(Image: Cloud b Turtle Constellation Night Light available at Amazon. See link below.)

Lily's Home Starry Night Projector - Alarm clock projector plays lullabies and nature sounds

For older kids who don't want a stuffed pet but still want a star projector for night, the Lily's Home Starry Night Project is a good choice. It can play four different nature sounds or 6 different lullabies while projecting stars, and the auto shut-off feature can be set to go off after 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 minutes.

Lily's Home Starry Night Projector and Sound Shooter. With 6 Lullabies and 4 Nature Sounds. Large LCD Alarm Clock
Lily's Home Starry Night Projector and Sound Shooter. With 6 Lullabies and 4 Nature Sounds. Large LCD Alarm Clock

Product description: Making night-time less scary and more fun with this Starry Night projector. Choose from three soothing color options and 6 lullabies to create a magical, tranquil environment that helps children from age three and up to ease into restful sleep.


Cloud b Constellation Night Lights - Twilight Ladybug Nightlight

Cloud b is a manufacturer that makes popular plush constellation nightlights in fun animal shapes. These nightlights project a starry night sky on the walls and ceilings of your child's room. You can choose three color options (blue, green or red) to project the stars, and the sleep timer can automatically shut the toy off after 45 minutes.

More Constellation Night Lights from Cloud b - Other cute options from Cloud b

Other nightlight shapes from Cloud b include a turtle, sea turtle and ladybug.

Dream Lites Night Lights - Rainbow Unicorn

Dream Lites are one of the newest products offered by My Pillow Pets. They're available in six designs - Tardy Turtle, Jolly Giraffe, Fluttery Butterfly, Playful Penguin, Rainbow Unicorn and Snuggly Puppy - and each design has a matching Pillow Pet. These constellation nightlights can shine stars on the ceiling in various colors and can shut off automatically after 20 minutes.

Kids love constellation night lights!

More Pillow Pets and Plush Toys

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See DreamLites in Action - Video demonstrates how the lights work

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      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      I'm positive my daughters would love one of these. Will consider it for Christmas.

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      Gail47 5 years ago

      My grandson likes pillow pets, although my favorite is the one that Abby uses on NCIS - cracks me up every time she squeezes it.

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      andrew69 5 years ago

      Kids Love the Pillow Pets

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