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Flitter Fairies - Fairy Friends That Fly!

Updated on August 31, 2011

Flitter Fairies Best Friends For Life

Here's the gorgeous range of Flitter Fairies, beautiful flying fairies that want to make friends with humans! Everyone needs a little magic in their lives and these wonderful toys provide just that. These are outstanding, interactive fairy toys that both children and adults will adore.

You can choose from Eva the Lake Fairy, Daria the Forest Fairy, Alexa the Meadow Fairy, Mara the Fire Fairy and Aerioth the Cave Fairy. Flitter Fairies make great gifts and are ideal collectibles too.

See below for how the flitter fairies differ in looks and dresses. If you want to add a touch of fairy magic into yours or someone else's life, choose a flitter fairy to fly beside you. She'll be a best friend to anyone who believes.

Flitter Fairies

Here's the lovely Eva and Daria Flitter Fairies. Eva has light blonde hair and a glistening blue dress. Daria has dark blonde hair and a dress in golden tones.

All Flitter Fairies fly in exactly the same way, the choice is purely down to which fairy look appeals the most. If choosing as a gift for yourself or someone else, maybe choose the fairy that has the closest personal resemblance.

If you haven't seen Flitter Fairies in magical flight yet, take a look at the video below. There's also an instructional guide on how to make the Flitter Fairies fly. Very simple, very clever, but still totally whimsical and fun.

Here's Alexa, Mara and Aerioth. Alexa has dark blonde / light brown hair and wears a beautiful, shimmering green dress with a pink sash around her waist. Mara has striking red hair and wears a flowing orange and pink dress that dazzles. Aerioth has blue hair with a gothic themed black and blue dress. Aerioth also carries a glowing green ball that lights up whenever she flutters her wings.

Perfect for little ones who love the magical theme, Flitter Fairies also appeal to adults who love whimsical and enchanted things around them. This is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys the mystical and magical.

All Flitter Fairies come in a box that includes your Fairy of choice, wand, hair clip, hair clip holder, Fairy silks and book.

These are unique Fairy toys that will provide hours of magical enjoyment.

Flitter Fairies Extras

Here's replacement silks for magical flights and a cute 'Slightly Above Time' book that provides insights into the realm of the Flitter Fairies and their characters.

Flitter Fairies are toys with a difference, they're interactive, magical and fun. If you aren't sure how these little Fairies fly, watch the instructional video below to see how. They need a bit of human help, but once you see what you need to do, you will revel in the simplistic magic that makes the human fairy friendship enchanting.

Flitter Fairies Advert

Flitter Fairies Instructional Video (Spoiler)


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