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Kirks Folly - Enchanting Jewelry And Magical Items For The Home

Updated on August 30, 2011

About Kirk's Folly

Here's a magical selection of beautiful Kirk's Folly pieces to warm the heart and soul. If you are familiar with Kirk's Folly you will know just how gorgeous and stunning their pieces are, if you are new to the enchanting world of Kirk's Folly, you are in for a wonderous treat!

Below you will find a stunning collection of both Kirk's Folly jewelry and homewares. These items are simply beautiful, ornate items that have to be seen to be believed. Writing from personal experience, you will order a Kirk's Folly piece online, get it home and be astonished at how even more beautiful the piece is in person.

Kirk's Folly jewelry and homewares make excellent gifts, I've been buying Kirk's Folly gifts for my mom for over 10 years, I'm never stuck for what to buy thanks to the magic of Kirk's Folly!

Kirk's Folly Fairy Pins

Fairy pins were my first introduction into the beautiful world of Kirk's Folly, and from then on I was hooked! That was around 10 years ago, maybe longer, but ever since, each time I see a Kirk's Folly piece, no matter what it is, it always makes me smile (and want to buy it!).

Kirk's Folly pins are great for wearing, but in my opinion, even better for decorating things! As I mentioned above, for most special occasions I will buy my mom a piece of Kirk's Folly, either jewelry or homewares as she truly loves them and finds solace in the magic of the collections. Fairies can be a wonderfully uplifting thing to believe in!

Over the years I have bought my mom various Kirk's Folly fairy pins and they now reside on a large lampshade on her coffee table. You should see how it sparkles in the sunlight! It's absolutely stunning. You could easily do the same with a decorative cushion, that would look beautiful!

Other Kirk's Folly Pins

I couldn't just stick to the fairy pins because there are so many other beautiful ones to choose from too. That's actually the one and only problem with Kirk's Folly, everything is beautiful, it's so hard to choose between pieces. I can safety say that every single item I have ever bought or been bought as a gift from the Kirk's Folly range has stunned me with it's beauty. If you want an item that will make you think wow, this is the right place to look, it's all amazing.

Kirk's Folly pieces are so diverse that anyone wanting a little magic and beauty in their life could easily find something to please them.

The great thing about the Kirk family business is that they believe in their products. There is a huge element of magic and wonder in what they do and anyone who owns a Kirk's Folly item will know just how much work goes into them. Kirk's Folly makes items of great quality and beauty and are must haves for anyone who believes in fairytales.

Kirk's Folly Watches

These watches are ultra feminine and incredibly pretty, and like everything that Kirk's Folly do they always have that magical element to them.

Did you know that Kirk's Folly is a family run business that began in 1979 with 'Glitter Sticks'? Helen, one of the Kirk sisters, took two chopsticks and fashioned them into ornate hair jewelry using embroidery thread, shells, prisms, charms, and beads. Jenniefer Kirk thought that her sister's design was so beautiful and creative that she approached stores with them.

Through perseverance Jenniefer managed to secure sales in a top New York department store. The Glitter Sticks were a roaring success and thus marked the beginning of the Kirk's Folly magic.

The Kirk's Folly philosophy is "If you can dream it and believe it, you can do it." Kirk's Folly is all about magic and wonder, fairytales and dreams. It's pure escapism from an often hectic and stressful daily life, and we all need a bit of that to get us through tough days.

Kirk's Folly Earrings

These whimsical earrings are really fun pieces of jewelry that are so wearable. Coming in a range of fantasy filled designs you can be sure that you will get plenty of compliments and people wanting to know more about them.

Once you own an item from Kirk's Folly, it's incredibly hard to not want more. Collecting Kirk's Folly is an absolute joy and adding to a collection can become a bit of an addiction. It's a good fun addiction to have though!

Decorative, magical and fun, everything about Kirk's Folly is enchanting. To give the gift of Kirk's Folly either to yourself or a loved one is all about whimsical magic, you can't say that about many gifts!

Kirk's Folly delight in bringing unique designs filled with romance, hope and spirit. These pieces aren't just any ordinary jewelry, they are special keepsakes too.

Kirk's Folly Windchimes

My most recent Kirk's Folly purchase was that of a windchime, it's the Summer Fairy House and though I very much wanted it for myself, I bought it for my mom instead. I chose the Summer House because it features lots of sea shore accents, so it was perfect for a Cancerian like my mom.

Every single windchime by Kirk's Folly is ornate (but then again, so is everything they so beautifully do!) and you can spend hours exploring the little details, some of which you won't even notice the first few times you look.

That's one of the magical things about Kirk's Folly, there's so much detail that goes into every single piece.

I personally wouldn't put a Kirk's Folly windchime outside, I would be far too concerned that it would get damaged, but of course you can if you choose to. I'd rather have in somewhere inside where I could admire the beauty constantly, somewhere near a window to get the full effect of the sparkles.

Kirk's Folly Picture Frames

It's impossible to see the detailing and true beauty of all these pieces from the small photo listings, but these are some seriously detailed and delicate pieces of Kirk's Folly art. These picture frames are perfect for displaying those favorite images that you hold dear.

That's something that people really relate to, Kirk's Folly is all about family, precious moments and love. Through the magic of Kirk's Folly, people find comfort and hope during bad times in their lives. The enchanting world that Kirk's Folly have created with their pieces is a place for belief and strength, it's equally a place for fun, laughter and light.

You don't have to believe in fairies to appreciate the beautiful pieces that Kirk's Folly create, not all items feature fairies, there's lots of seasonal pieces and items for lovers of particular animals (I have a persian cat pin for instance!).

For the record, I do believe in fairies, I'm sure it's them who keeps hiding my socks! I've questioned my cat, it's not her, I definitely think that the fairies are making some kind of huge sock monster to scare me with one day.

Jenniefer Kirk's 60th Birthday Party


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