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Food Eraser - Cool Food Erasers, Great Collectibles

Updated on August 31, 2011

Food Erasers Are Cool!

Here's a really cute and cool selection of food erasers to start a collection or add to an existing one. This selection of food erasers has all different kinds of foods to choose from, there's fast foods like burgers, pizza and hot dogs, cakes, ice cream, sushi, bread, plus lots more to choose from.

There's something really cute about miniature foods and these food erasers look so realistic that both kids and adults will find them enchanting. Perfect as a small gift or stocking filler, these are affordable items that people will love to look at.

See below for the food eraser sets available, there's a lot to choose from, all vividly colored and very realistic. Choose your favorites and start collecting today!

Food Erasers To Choose From

Why do we love things that look like food, but aren't food? Because most things that are made to resemble food are miniature versions, and miniature anything is pretty darn cool. These food erasers are small, but so realistic, and best of all, they won't go off, grow mold or start to smell!

These food erasers are really cute collectibles, one of the best things about collecting erasers is seeing your collection grow. It's so fun to lay your collection out on the floor or on a table to go through them and choose your favorites.

Food erasers are great to collect because they're affordable. You can easily add to your collection at just a few dollars a time. This also means that food erasers make great side gifts and stocking fillers.

If you want the coolest collection around, choose food erasers in different categories, there's so many to choose from!

With prices starting as low as $1.49 for a 6 piece set, you can get your collection off to a great start without having to spend lots of money doing so.

If you want to start off with a larger number though, you can choose a set of food erasers that costs a bit more, but comes with more pieces. The same applies to adding to your collection.

As your collection grows it becomes more fun. It's great to go through all your food erasers and put them into groups so you can see which kinds you have more of.

These are really tactile little collectibles that will provide hours of fun. In an educational sense, food erasers may also introduce children to foods that they might not have been aware of before. This is great for creating a knowledge of new foods and different cuisines.

There's a collector in all of us, but anyone choosing to collect food erasers is sure to have a fun, cute and very cool collection of items to show off to their friends!


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