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Funny Aprons - A Great Gift For Foodies

Updated on April 25, 2012

Funny Aprons Make Great Gifts

Here's a cool selection of funny aprons that make excellent gift choices. If you want a gift with a touch of humor, or are buying an apron for yourself, these are aprons with witty little slogans that will brighten any day.

If you are someone who loves entertaining, these funny aprons are great conversation starters and are sure to have your guests giggling away. With lines such as "Be Nice To Me Or I'll Poison Your Food", you're sure to be regarded with a cool sense of humor.

See below for the witty selection of funny aprons to choose from, if you are buying this as a gift, don't worry about sizing, one size fits all. This is an affordable gift option for anyone who loves being in the kitchen.

Funny Aprons With Embroidered Text

These are high quality aprons with a hint of naughtiness. One size fits all and they're affordable, what a great gift?!

If you are buying as a gift, any foodie would love these. If you're buying for yourself, choices, choices! There's some really cool lines on these funny aprons such as "The Food Is Done When The Smoke Alarm Sounds" or "Wine Is Cheaper Than Therapy". Great lighthearted fun for any cook.

These aprons are all embroidered, so no need to worry about the text coming off in the wash. You don't even need to iron them! These might be funny aprons but they're totally functional too.

A funny apron is a great gift for any occasion, it makes an excellent stocking filler, valentines or birthday gift, and these ones are totally unisex. These are sleek, sexy aprons with a twist.

There are plenty of tacky aprons out there that may be considered funny, but this range is high quality. They are made with a poly/cotton blend and are embroidered in the US. These may be novelty aprons, but they have style!

There's a funny apron here for all kinds of personalities. If you want to be cooked for with a smile these are great humorous gifts to choose from.

As an affordable stocking filler or side gift, these funny aprons are sure to brighten up any day. Add a little naughtiness to your kitchen!

See below for more funny aprons to choose from!


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