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Giant Gummy Bear - Great Gift

Updated on April 25, 2012

Giant Gummy Bear Gift

Here's a delicious selection of yummy giant gummy bears to choose from, lots of different flavors to go for! A giant gummy bear is a great gift, whether for yourself or someone else, it's a unique gift idea that will provide surprise, delight and lots of yummy flavor.

If you want a gift that is something out of the ordinary, go for a giant gummy bear! It's a wonderful gift that will delight the recipient when they see it. There's lots of different flavors to choose from, you just need to pick a favorite.

Imagine the surprise when a giant gummy bear is given as a gift, you'll be someone's favorite person for a long, long time! For anyone with a sweet tooth this gift is ideal.

Buy Giant Gummy Bears

Listed to the right are the biggest gummy bears in existence! They are a whopping 5lbs each and are 9 inches tall!

All flavors available are listed, there's: Pineapple, Red Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Cola, Lemon, Orange, Pink Bubblegum and Grape. Quite a selection to choose from!

Each giant gummy bear is the equivalent of 1,400 regular sized ones and contains 12,600 calories.

All WhatTheDevil giant gummy bears listed to the right are gluten free and are made in the USA.

This is an amazing gift to give to someone for any occasion, the gummy bears are packed in a protective plastic bag for freshness and they come in a white gift box.

If you want a wow factor gift that is something a little unusual, a giant gummy bear ticks all the boxes!

Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, Anniversaries, Weddings, there's really no celebratory event that a giant gummy bear doesn't work as a great gift for.

Anyone who loves gummy candy is in for a real treat if they are given this as a gift, it's so out of the ordinary that no one would possibly guess what it was before they opened it!

A 5lb, 9 inch giant gummy bear, now there's a gift that is going to surprise!

Cute, delicious and unique, what more could you want as a great gift idea!

Giant Gummy Bears On Sticks

If you want a more affordable version, these semi giant gummy bears are cool.

These ones are 4 inches high (without the stick) and are the equivalent of 137 regular gummy bears.

As above, all these WhatTheDevil gummy bears are gluten free and are made in the USA, so you know that you are getting a quality product.

The semi giant gummy bears come in the same flavors as the giant ones: Pineapple, Red Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Cola, Lemon, Orange, Pink Bubblegum and Grape.

They may not be quite as cool as their giant counterparts, but they still rock. 4 inches is still very sizable for a gummy bear!

These are great gifts for anyone who loves candy.

Giant Gummy Bear
Giant Gummy Bear
Giant Gummy Bear On Stick
Giant Gummy Bear On Stick


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