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    Find an anagram for each of the words below. The anagrams will answer the clues. Write the correct anagram on the line next to each clue. When completed correctly, the first letter of each anagram will spell the name of an American inventor. The first one is done for you.

    Anagram Words:
    abode    anoint      bistro        blamed
    caveat    denude      hornet        lashes
    lenses    region      resent            roman
    sacred    soiled      stored        strait

    1.    King’s seat        (throne/hornet)
    2.    Annoy
    3.    Retro songs
    4.    Stately home
    5.    Kind of brick
    6.    Classified
    7.    Strolled
    8.    Becomes smaller
    9.    Leave, as a building
    10.    Monet, e.g.
    11.    ________ Hemingway
    12.    Scottish city
    13.    Pay no attention to
    14.    Fearful
    15.    Spaceship paths
    16.    Country

    American inventor ___________________________