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    Jacqueline4390posted 2 years ago

    Welcome to the Mixed-Up Menagerie, a veritable zoo of friendly, if somewhat tangled, critters. You can’t get in here unless you’ve found a suitable disguise. See that little SNEAK over there? Oops, he’s really a SNAKE. How many more anagrammed (rearranged) beast can you uncover?

    Over there is the NE’RE RIDE, who thinks he’s a caribou and doesn’t like it when the tiny BALD GUY lands on his head. You wouldn’t want to trifle with the GLARING BEET, a feline refugee from a circus act. The giant THE PLANE is about the only one who doesn’t seem intimidated by him. The AMHERST and LEG RIB appear to enjoy running inside that little Ferris wheel, while the GOLF DISH tend to prefer the safety of the pond. Meanwhile, the EGO NIP flutters around dropping “presents” on everyone, even the graceful African PALE NOTE.