Need Ideas on gifts to a 12 year old girl...

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    Kambakkht Ishqposted 8 years ago

    Need Ideas on  gifts to a 12 year old girl...

  2. valerie selau 14 profile image48
    valerie selau 14posted 8 years ago

    Get a Ipod or M3P Player for your 12 year old girl !!! That's my answer !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tracy711 profile image76
    Tracy711posted 8 years ago

    I would suggest to give her a bottle of perfume or one of those body wash kits or perfume kits all the young girls around her age seem to like Sweet Pea products but then i also would attach a gift card like a Visa gift card. I did that for my god daughter and she thought it was the greatest thing to have a visa and go out and purchase things with it. now that little girls grow up so fast they want to be independent and this is a good start. You can also purchase the ones you can put more money into whenever you like..