how to install new hard drive in xbox 360

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    Pamela422008posted 7 years ago

    how to install new hard drive in xbox 360

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    ROCKRABBITposted 7 years ago
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    DeAd Dolls Incposted 7 years ago

    I would suggest the link below from ROCKRABBIT, the article is good. Though if you really want to know how to install a NEW HARD DRIVE in the xBox 360 your going to need some "Tools". Example if you want to install a 250 HARD RIVE or More without having to buy a MICROSOFT Hard Drive for the xBox 360 that you can simply click on and start using. I'm actually working on a hub right now for this because it's actually much more complicated than most people think. Check my Profile within' the next couple of days for that hub on how to install an xBox 360 hard Drive.