hi DeAd Dolls Inc, Thanks for your reply. how do i know if the file is no good.

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    MillerTime7481posted 7 years ago

    hi DeAd Dolls Inc,
    Thanks for your reply.  how do i know if the file is no good. i have friends...

    who get all there games in exactly the same way apart from they are copying them to a disc first which i can then copy on to the wii. i just want to bypass the disk stage if poss. also i am more or less computer illiterate as it took me over a week to manage to soft mod it in the first place. i wud consider your option if it was FOOL proof and didnt take me forever. also would i loose the games i have at the min if i did this??????

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    DeAd Dolls Incposted 7 years ago

    The Software If Fool Proof, My Whole problem would be what you have now VIA Game wise.

    There are tons of Soft MOD Chips you can buy for the Wii Mod that you can bypass so you can skip having the DISC In while playing you can find them online if you Google or Bing...

    The FILE isn't working because if your transferring a file that's telling you to FORMAT your DRIVE its a command .exe file that really is just out to make you do something you don't have to.

    Been there done that