we are grandparents trying to purchase something the kids will enjoy...and we ma

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    andradeinpsposted 7 years ago

    we are grandparents trying to purchase something the kids will enjoy...and we may be inclined to...

    use when they're not here. We spent hours at Best Buy today talking to sales people and consumers. We love the interactive features of the new Kinect...but the games are limited. Right now we are inclined to purchase the basic XBOX 360 and the Kinect enhancer instead of the bundle. Seems like we would have more options. Any advice for these neophytes?

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    SimeyCposted 7 years ago

    Well buying the cheapest XBOX 360 (4GB version) costs $199, then the Kinect costs $149 - so you'd pay $348 for that. The same thing in a bundle is $300. However, with the 4GB version you're probably going to end up buying the additional hard drive at some point - 4GB may sound big, but by the time you add save files, and then some of the games require large files you're really going to need the extra disk space! Thus the overall best value is the Microsoft - Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect bundle.

    HOWEVER - and this is a big HOWEVER. What you have to consider is how much will yout grandkids actually use the Kinect-  as you say the games are limited and while there will be more coming out eventually, you'll probably find some of the top games won't use Kinect anyway!

    The other consideration is the Wii - the graphics are not as good, the controller perhaps isn't as good - but they still are pretty neat and there are a lot more games available!

    Also you have the PS3 - with the Move and PSEye - which is like the Kinect combined with a Wii! You also get the Bluray player too!

    Hmmm...I'm not really helping here - so what I advise, if you really like the Kinect, and you think the grandkids will use it a lot, then the bundle is the best way to go.........fell free to ask more questions!!!!

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    AndyK26posted 6 years ago

    Buy the bundles much cheaper it doesn’t make sense to buy them separately. Unless u already have the xbox console the all u need is the Kinect sensor. Anyway check all the bundle offers it will be much cheaper for you usually most bundle offers have free Kinect games included. They wont be the best Kinect games but pretty decent once to try it out