should i buy some World of Warcraft gold for the game?

  1. Brally Micle profile image56
    Brally Micleposted 7 years ago

    should i buy some World of Warcraft gold for the game?

    just i ask,should i buy some World of Warcraft gold for the game?i am afraid my account will be banned,if you have some good suggestion please help me!
    thanks very much.

  2. profile image45
    lpaganposted 7 years ago

    i wouldn't buy gold for the game. try selling junk on the auction house or go quest to earn money. I definitely would not take the chance of getting your account banned so you could have some gold

  3. BethMartin1 profile image51
    BethMartin1posted 6 years ago

    First of all, Brally Micle. I am a world of warcraft lover. I enjoy every minute in game and also meet the questions as you. The following is my experience:

    There are risks in buying WoW Gold online. There are many scam artists and thieves online, looking to grab your credit card information and then cheat your money. Attention the following.

    The first thing is that where you buy WoW gold from. It is really simple to choose one site if you have decided to buy wow gold online. As there are some rip-off sites, you should log on the site and have a look if it is full of contents and if it is a legal website.

    The second thing is: How can you buy wow gold from the site and what kind of payment methods you should use? At the moment, you just need a Paypal account, which is the most popular and safest method. So many wow gold sellers required a verified Paypal account to reduce fraud.

    The third thing is: you would better register an account on the site where you are planning to buy cheap WoW gold from. You would better use your working email account, which could be used to receive important notifications, regular newsletters, payment receipts, price update information.

    In addition to the three things I mentioned above, you should also need to consider the price and the delivery speed. is the site which can meet all the things I said above. Maybe you can have a try. I also believe you can find a good website by yourself if you following the things. What you should do is just enjoying the happy WoW.

    Good luck!