Do you play the game World of Warcraft online?

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  1. flashmakeit profile image60
    flashmakeitposted 11 years ago

    Do you play the game World of Warcraft online?

  2. DonkeyKongKiller profile image73
    DonkeyKongKillerposted 11 years ago

    no. I'm not much of an MMO player. Well not at all a MMO player really.

  3. wkhigley profile image60
    wkhigleyposted 11 years ago

    No. I've played a few MMOs to varying degrees, but stay away from anything with a subscription fee. I understand why it makes sense for an MMO to have recurring fees to cover server costs and fund new content development, but I generally dislike the idea of paying monthly fees for games.

  4. profile image0
    Ghostwolfeposted 11 years ago

    I played for well over two years and beta tested Cataclysm, but after awhile the game seems to repeat itself with everything that you do including dungeon raids and farming. Also there have been a lot of cheaters found to be stealing accounts and with that they destroy the need to want to play the game. I haven't played world of warcraft in a long time and don't see myself going back anytime soon. I can pay $60.00 a year for xbox live and get more out of it than $14.95 a month and have to worry about more problems and four times a month not being able to play due to maintanence on Tuesdays.

    If you are looking to get the game you should try the free trail to level 20 and see if you like it or not, this is not a game that you just jump into the expense can be a little high and you will find yourself wanting to make sure you play it at least 80% a month to get your monies worth.

  5. M. T. Dremer profile image82
    M. T. Dremerposted 11 years ago

    Yes, I'm an on-again-off-again warcraft player. When mentioning WoW, people tend to focus on the negative aspects, specifically how it ruins social interactions in real life, but in reality the game has nothing to do with that. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is choosing the game over you, then it's because they're a jerk, not because the game is forcing them to do it. World of Warcraft is an immense game, but it's easy to get into and enjoy. It does get repetitive after you've played it for a long time, but that's true of anything. When it stops being fun, cancel your subscription. If you want to play it again, all your stuff will always be there waiting for you. It's a well developed game and it has earned its throne at the top of MMO mountain. A free trial will tell you if it's the right game for you.

  6. Christopher Dapo profile image80
    Christopher Dapoposted 11 years ago

    Being a fan of both the RPG genre and MMOs as well, I'm actually happy to say no.

    There are several reasons why not.

    1) Blizzard (the company behind the Warcraft games) did their franchise wrong in their third installment of the Warcraft games. In this game, they explicitly copied another game in existence (Warlords: Battlecry) and changed the entire feel of the Warcraft series. From this point on, I was turned off by their Warcraft games, but I wasn't against second chances either.

    2) Have you tried playing the demo? It's a whoppingly huge 4 gigabyte download! I never had a chance to try it because the download was too big, taking too much time for me to get ahold of it to even give it a once over.

    3) I've heard the fan base to the point of no return - I've been turned off by the hype and the advertising. Good, they got their market, they don't need me.

    4) Call me biased but, since I've been in the works on a truely original RPG experience that would blow WoW out of the water, I don't care much for these stereotypical and overused RPG concepts being wastefully tossed to us players like they're something new to talk about. It's all rehashed material to me. Meanwhile, since I don't have a piece of paper saying I know what I'm doing, I can't even get my foot in the door to a company to bring my game to the market. I'm all alone in my efforts, now for about 15 years - and for 15 years nothing even comes close to the depth in my game!!! big_smile

    So, no, no WoW for me! Yay!!

  7. LostInRevery profile image68
    LostInReveryposted 10 years ago

    I have played since Burning Crusade.  It has become a little boring lately but there is a new expansion coming out in September!  I don't mind paying the $14.95 a month to play, that is cheap entertainment in my opinion.  (Some people pay a hundred dollars a month for cable channels and I think that is a waste of time and money.)  At least in WoW you can interact with people.  It is also a game that takes a lot of research and intelligence to reach end game raids.


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