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How do you exit out XBOX Live?

  1. John0762 profile image56
    John0762posted 7 years ago

    How do you exit out XBOX Live?

  2. evvy_09 profile image74
    evvy_09posted 7 years ago

    You press the big X button in the center of the controller for a second.  A screen will pop up with options, one of which will be exit out of xbox live.  Or you can press the x button to sign out.

  3. Entourage_007 profile image86
    Entourage_007posted 7 years ago

    You can exit out of XBOX Live by pressing the middle XBOX button on the controller.  This will bring you to the menu in which you can choose to sign out of XBOX Live.

    You can also hold down the middle button on the controller and go to the XBOX Dashboard.  From the XBOX Dashboard you can go to your profile and sign out from there too.

  4. AndyK26 profile image66
    AndyK26posted 6 years ago

    middle button on the controller then sign out smile sometime I just don't bother signing out at all