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What kind of Joy do you find in your life?

  1. HattieMattieMae profile image60
    HattieMattieMaeposted 6 years ago

    What kind of Joy do you find in your life?

  2. Lady In NC profile image37
    Lady In NCposted 6 years ago

    Hi , For me I love to shop ,but most of all I like pampering myself at the salon's ,lol ,or sitting down to a good book or magazine

  3. livingsimply profile image59
    livingsimplyposted 6 years ago

    I find joy in often strange places.  I turn a corner sometimes and there it is.  Joy for me are moments that are unplanned and unexpected.  My family provide a lot of those moments but so does Mother Nature.  I live on a small island and I like to think of it as being peppered with joy.  I love this question - it makes me feel alive.  Thank you

  4. chasemillis profile image65
    chasemillisposted 6 years ago

    you've gotta enjoy the little things. Don't let life get you down because time keeps on moving on. And sometimes, you just need to take off time just to spend with your friends