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dead space the ultimate rip off!!

  1. willsteele61 profile image55
    willsteele61posted 8 years ago

    I waited for this game. I quite liked this game. Then I completed the game and realised that plot wise if not gameplay wise this game was a carbon copy of 'run like hell' on the ps2.

    Now run like hell, let me tell you was awful. The game play was terrible, as were the graphics, as were the animation of the caracters. which was all in all suprising as RLH was meant to usher in the new age of 'movie like' games with a full all star cast featuing such stars as Bishop from aliens, byron hadley from shawshank redemption and the captain of star trek voyager.

    Dead space however had it all, good game play, wonderful graphic and animation but plot they didnt quite have. The whole necromorph premise they took from RLH and threw in some marker plus a good measure of religoius zealotry for taste, and yes it did taste good. The love story and loss of love contradictory to traditional blockbusting save the girl plot lines airlifted straight from RLH. But the sad bit is that I didnt care. the game didnt move me. It sits gathering dust on my shelf. Run like hell, for all its faults did move me, it gave a sense of time, and depth, and despair. Dead space will make you jump, but it wont make you sad, and the music isnt as good either.

    The really depressing thing about the entire saga is the pregame comic released online. it was crudely made, crudely drawn, and so eleoquently and wonderfully done I devoured it in one sitting, the prerealease film was dire but for anybody looking for half an hours enjoyment I severely advise the dead space animation featuring 'bram newman' (an infinitely better name for a hero no?).

    So thats the sad part, someone somewhere wrote this much more thrilling and captivating story and was passed over, the story of Bram and the colony relegated to dully scrolling backstory in the main game which nobody bothers to read. dead space tried to take on RLH and failed in my opinion, they had something fresh and they wasted it and a wealth of story and character was lost, consigend to one last voice clip on the last level. In all stories you should come in as late as possible thats true...but you definately shouldnt come in in the sequel.

  2. lrohner profile image81
    lrohnerposted 8 years ago

    I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, but it sounds like it would make a better hub than post?

    1. willsteele61 profile image55
      willsteele61posted 8 years agoin reply to this


      I just joined this site 40 minites ago and am completely lost. excuse my uselessness.

  3. DavidHill76 profile image60
    DavidHill76posted 8 years ago

    I agree that Dead Space was a terrible, rip-off of a game.

    But I am not familiar with RLH.

  4. dyonder profile image80
    dyonderposted 8 years ago

    Yeah, willsteele61, the premise, idea of Dead Space was similar to RLH; prettier, better executed, but similar. Me, I'm still waiting for the sequel (or even a re-release) of Parasite Eve.

    1. bulletbutter profile image58
      bulletbutterposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I played parasite eve and found it to be a horrible game. I made it all the way through to the end where I ran out of bullets and couldn't find a way back to get more ammo.

      Unless you're talking about a particular system, I am pretty sure they made a Parasite Eve 2 as well. http://psx.ign.com/articles/163/163208p1.html

      1. dyonder profile image80
        dyonderposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Should've put I wanted a sequel to Parasite Eve 2. The first one did suck - they smoothed some of the issues out the second time around.

        1. Dangazzm profile image79
          Dangazzmposted 8 years agoin reply to this

          Resident Evil with XP, and money. Was so epic back in the day... I too would like a game like this, as long as they don't radically change it like what happened to Resident Evil 5... I like that old fashion game play. It was really scary back then big_smile

          Ok, sorry back on topic! Great post, lots of information I didn't know thats for sure HUB, HUB, HUB!

  5. Dread348 profile image54
    Dread348posted 8 years ago

    As a completely useless opinion on the matter since I haven't played any of the games mentioned other then Dead space.  I payed attention to this game for years and I thought the Dead space experience as a whole was an interesting package.  I bought the game played it and it left me with wanting to know more of the story.  I watched the "animated graphic novel" crappy movie thing that took pictures out of the graphic novel and narrated them.  I was intrigued and bought the graphic novel which shed fed some more into the holes in the story line of the game.  Being that I was still interested I watched the animated movie.  It is horrible....but come on the lightsaber chainsaws are awesome!  I feel like the game re-introduced the horror survival genre when Resident Evil 5 clearly dropped the ball.  I think the game was well executed graphically with enough story line to make me want to search for all of the videologs and audiologs.  The end boss was lame at best but I enjoyed the entire package.  (Side note: is the Wii lightgun style worth it?)