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  • some mornings this is how I wake, with too much to dream screams in my head

    some mornings this is how I wake, with too much to dream screams in my head

    4 years ago

    truth justifies the means

  • trembling magnets

    trembling magnets

    7 years ago

    all the beautiful words trembling fancy light upon lips grown cold secret melodies of chaos sing deep within us chance and romance fates fickle song as we reach forever (to the light) beyond hold close in the night for the moons light is far...

  • in pieces

    in pieces

    7 years ago

    …2 C Beyond… Too often experience is a filter which blinds us to the moment. See what is rather than what we think it is Nowhere is this more true than in the expressions of this thing we call personality. Consider the artist...

  • Valentine's For Lovers Too

    Valentine's For Lovers Too

    8 years ago

    “I love you!” Sean turned his head away in disgust, at the words that had become her mantra. His face burned with anger as he spoke to the wall, his voice cold. “If that were true…” The door slammed behind him. Beth watched him go,...

  • the green and the blue

    the green and the blue

    8 years ago

    the sheltering wind Strips our souls of weight Simple sounds transpire We sit & wait In time we’ve found a dream In light, darkness seems Head of horns rise (he died) Lady of green rests (inside) Between the two Blessed We...

  • Valentine's For Lovers

    Valentine's For Lovers

    8 years ago

    The simple entreaty: to begin life anew when everything seems like it’s been a series of unended beginnings. I have so many things to be pleased with in life yet I feel such an air of discontent. How like one of the characters in one of my stories...

  • Hearts Prey

    Hearts Prey

    9 years ago

    a crystalline palace within the clouds’ silver glow, lacy threads surround prisms for walls, enraptured they flow the waters cascade, rain is the pleasure, there is no pain, life is a leisure, lead on to sight & sound past...

  • tic toc man (it burns)

    tic toc man (it burns)

    9 years ago

    They Come (though they have always been here) Though intensely devout (in every thought/action of every day) there is not a single person in my life who could say what my belief system is. There is a reason for this. I sharpened my teeth on every...

  • heaven can wait (12 X)

    heaven can wait (12 X)

    8 years ago

      As the esoteric and the unknown are revealed for what they truly are, we rewrite the rules. Now we have to decide whether to hang on to the rules of the past, make up new rules (which is essentially the same thing), or admit (& revel in the fact...

  • The (12) Mercy Seat

    The (12) Mercy Seat

    9 years ago

      'And in a way I'm yearning To be done with all this measuring of truth. An eye for an eye And a tooth for a tooth And anyway I told the truth And I'm not afraid to die.' Nick Cave The Mercy Seat Probably the most difficult thing for me...

  • The Door Is Open

    The Door Is Open

    9 years ago

     Have you ever walked in the night? Reveled in the silence of muffling shadows? Drifted through the garden of dreams? Caught the shreds of consciousness as moths to be devoured by the light? You should Hidden away, beyond the shade of the street...

  • foetus


    9 years ago

    JG Thirlwell aka: Foetus, Wiseblood, Clint Ruin, Frank Want, DJ OTESFU (to name a few) affiliations(& sometime aliases): Foetus Under Glass, Scraping Foetus off the Wheel, Steroid Maximus, Wiseblood, Flesh Volcano, Garage Monsters, Foetus...

  • The House of Dead

    The House of Dead

    8 years ago

     I've been writing short stories for twenty years. After having written the first half dozen I noticed a character, always in the background, influencing the others. Once noticed, he began to work his way to the front, occasionnally passing a quip...

  • Mars Meets Venus in the House of Love

    Mars Meets Venus in the House of Love

    9 years ago

      Dry scalp someone died today in blood splatters and naked twists dry scalp I shot the tele today for blood splatters and naked twists You've stolen our dreams and hardened our hearts for ice cream and glow in the dark ...

  • The House of Love

    The House of Love

    9 years ago

      her  arms open cold crystal hue drifting and falling the waves flow over two melting hearts into the rose in the garden’s delight this we chose a sliver of night twinkling high in the sky above in a motion of desire is it...

  • Know Evil - Bits & Pieces

    Know Evil - Bits & Pieces

    9 years ago

    Freedom (additional subscriptions may apply) Are we truly awake; living lives of distraction, devoting all of our energy to perpetuating illusions to keep the truth of reality at bay. Every day reality approaches, ocean waves of cold harshness...

  • CCTV & Crime

    CCTV & Crime

    9 years ago

    Having worked behind a bar for a good portion of my life, generally in the role of manager, I have always been a strong advocate for security cameras. My logic was that when dealing with a controlled substance it was always a good idea to have the...

  • Critical Thought

    Critical Thought

    8 years ago

    Critical thinking is akin to the scientific method of solving problems in that objectivity is very prominent in the fact collecting and theorizing aspects of both. Critical thinking has six coherent steps. The first step of critical thinking...

  • The History of Private Security

    The History of Private Security

    9 years ago

    From the moment our ancestors figured out there was a difference between ‘mine’ and ‘ours’ there became a need for private security. Since its humble origins in Ancient Egypt on through to the recent events of our post 9/11 world mankind...

  • Tennessee v. Garner

    Tennessee v. Garner

    9 years ago

    What citizen is able to defend himself in court if they are shot dead by a law enforcement officer even before apprehension? The case of Tennessee v. Garner 471 U.S. 1 (1985) is an extremely important case in our nation’s criminal justice history....

  • Love and other tales

    Love and other tales

    9 years ago

    Have you ever loved another so much that it became a part of every little thing you are. Every morning greeted with the happy thought of your shared life, the sheer joy of having them in your life. The moments away from each other ecstasy in the...

  • Let Us Talk of Nothing

    Let Us Talk of Nothing

    9 years ago

      The sound of feet    rythms of the river eyes leeking sleet    a voice I remember how many times    must I rise       only to fall how many times    shall a disguise       come as a call Hold me down   ...

  • Are We Prescribing Our Children to Death?

    Are We Prescribing Our Children to Death?

    6 years ago

    an inquiry into prescription medication deaths and contributions to mental illness as a business rather than as a cure

  • shadowplay


    8 years ago

    This is the story. It starts out like so many others: a life inserted into this world of so many others, each feeling their own joy, their own pain. The door opens. A world seems to stretch from horizon to horizon. George Richardson knew it went...

  • Goddess6


    9 years ago

    the words they drift so softly rising on the breeze all the things you said to me this heart opens and bleeds all starry skies leap forth as if denied life thought perfect within the tide the white wilted black crimson night sack so...

  • 6whispers


    9 years ago

    open skies A little of this everything some of this nothing all of this everything we are simpler expansions of nothing aching to be something dancing in the night stars shower round us such steel in shadow velvet wrapped...

  • PSP: Portable Entertainment Center

    PSP: Portable Entertainment Center

    9 years ago

    In the portable gaming market Sony's PSP has really gotten a bum rap: it's too big, the disc based media is slow in loading, the umds break easily, the psp sounds like engines rattling loose from a jet while reading the discs, etc. For all of its...

  • Bayonetta Impressions

    Bayonetta Impressions

    9 years ago

    A full moon looms, vast and bright, as specks fly before its visage, materializing into angels armed with vicious crosses. The camera pulls back, placing the point of view on our heroine, Bayonetta, as she stands firmly on a clock face as it tumbles...

  • 6fears


    9 years ago

     The Dark Face of Humanity: the Xenophobe   fear the outsider       for they love not as you       they have no child       they have no mother       no father or brother who is as you watch as they've lost ...

  • 6shadows


    9 years ago

     dark fingers stroll through me dance over (through) skin's tapestry once they were vague, now they are lithe I know their desire know what they wish for what was once theirs given freely to others who will swell their ranks prey for they will have...

  • To Hope (PHT)

    To Hope (PHT)

    9 years ago

    Do you believe in rapture that frozen moment in time preceeding the fall (as if it hadn't happened, at all) to this space called hell (it) seemed but a sign of all that had been her (in rapture)   It started with the music ...

  • Expressions of Magic

    Expressions of Magic

    9 years ago

    Really wanted to include some mathematics in here; if only as a tip of the hat to Hermann Hesse & Kahlil Gibran (yes, if you measure the cadence of the words in the latter's works the mathematics can be seen).

  • Dreams since 1969

    Dreams since 1969

    8 years ago

    A sampling of dreams I've had since 1969 in rough prose.

  • One Hour

    One Hour

    9 years ago

    PSP Random Mix(some forced some allowed)Heard with Ears & Recovered Wedding Present:Canes Teardrop Explodes:Treason The Damned:Sick of this & That Wedding Present:Falling Damned:2nd Time Around Wedding Present:Pleasant Valley Sunday ...

  • Soccer Mom - Corrine

    Soccer Mom - Corrine

    9 years ago

    A soccer mom goes off the deep end.

  • Love & Other Tales

    Love & Other Tales

    9 years ago

      He stood, shoulders slightly hunched forward, before the door. The mail slot held his attention. He’d just slid a letter through, having been obsessively careful to place it within the slot so that there would be no chance of the postage...

  • Legacy - 3

    Legacy - 3

    9 years ago

      Well, what can I say? It’s been so long since I’ve actually killed someone that I was bound to botch it up somehow. A witness. I was never so messy when I was a young man. The place, the time, the manner; they all had been so well...

  • lecherous ghost

    lecherous ghost

    9 years ago

    I worked for around thirteen years at a resort hotel in a small town in the mountains of Colorado (not the famous one on the eastern slope). The hotel had a certain...reputation for being haunted. Rumours abounded, both from the staff and the...


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