Are the Fable 3 expansions worth the money?

  1. rave1432 profile image60
    rave1432posted 5 years ago

    Are the Fable 3 expansions worth the money?

    I have beaten the game for the most part, is buying the small expansions worth the money?

  2. JohnGreasyGamer profile image85
    JohnGreasyGamerposted 5 years ago

    What are these expansions anyway? Endgame content? As in, we get to see an ending rather than the game on pause mode then the credits roll?

    From what I've heard, DLC is next to useless in Fable 3 as it's under an hour long, offers little in terms of gameplay and still ignores Co-op. As you can tell, I hate F3 with a passion after it collapsed on itself with lack of immersion.

    All in all, I highly doubt expansions are worth the money, and they won't save the franchise until they make Fable 4 with amends.