What is so Bad About the Modern Warfare Series?

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  1. leakeem profile image82
    leakeemposted 6 years ago

    What is so Bad About the Modern Warfare Series?

    I noticed many hubbers did not like this game series because of being "too common" or having too much similarities with other series. What are the "too common" things? What are those that are very similar? I played MW1-3, there are some small similarities but not to a point where I disliked it. What else is causing some people's dislikes?

  2. Rrisen profile image76
    Rrisenposted 6 years ago

    Repetition. Compare COD4 to MW3 and you will have extremely similar gameplay. Compare Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 3. Daggerfall to Skyrim. Assassin's Creed 1 to ACIII.  Halo CE to Halo 4. Borderlands to Borderlands 2, Games evolve- adding new features that build interest and quality. COD simply doesn't do that. They add new maps, a new campaign, new or past guns, and new killstreaks- all of which are already in the previous games. Honestly, that's the only reason I can't stand COD. I feel ripped off paying $60 for gameplay that feels and plays the same way as last year. There's nothing bad with what the Modern Warfare developers are creating; it's simply what they aren't creating.

    1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image80
      JohnGreasyGamerposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I feel the same, and Halo 3: ODST could've been marketed as a map-pack if Bungie had a pair and be honest.

  3. JohnGreasyGamer profile image80
    JohnGreasyGamerposted 6 years ago

    In all honesty, it's because there's nothing else to take our stress out on. I'm guilty of this, and a lot of people (again, I'm guilty of this;) are sheep about the subject. I criticize it for its overpoweredness everywhere in Multiplayer, and this is people's concerns. There's too much controversy with everyone having a different loadout, and if it isn't the exact same as Elitistjerks.com's loadout, you're apparently a "noob".

    The storytelling is good and I found MW2 highly entertaining. But 7 hours of gameplay is not markatable in the slightest for £60. Call of Duty isn't talented enough to pull that BS off.

    Plus, it's a blatant sellout but thankfully the series has ended and hopefully Infinity Ward have the gall to do something original.

    TL;DR - it's because those who have 2 brain cells to rub together know the multiplayer isn't worth getting stressed about. And it's an overpriced middle finger for 7 hours.

  4. SkySlave profile image80
    SkySlaveposted 6 years ago

    Some aspects of the game are typical of shooters. But the same can be said about racing games and sports games etc.  Overall i think the series is addicting and stress relieving.

  5. MSLewis profile image59
    MSLewisposted 5 years ago

    The series, and even the genre to a point, just feels stale these days. If you want a FPS, walk into any game store and look at 50% of the shelves and take your pick. Modern Warfare specifically just seems to be lacking to me anymore.

    The campaigns are just useless anymore: almost identical stories and just get shorter and shorter, almost as though they are simply training for the multiplayer.

    Oh, the multiplayer... while most gamers proclaim MW multiplayer to be the best of the best in multiplayer games, having played it on and off for a couple years, I don't see it. It's repetative for one, and becomes pointless after you reach the max level. Yes, you can prestige (20+ times anymore) and basically start over, but  it just means that you're going to spend another month killing people for the sake of experience to unlock better guns (that you already had).

    I'm just tired of the boring, repetative games that have flooded our market. I miss the days of games that had story, that had characters I actually cared about, and that made me feel like I had actually accomplished something.


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