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As a consumer, what are the benefits of purchasing games brand new?

  1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
    JohnGreasyGamerposted 3 years ago

    As a consumer, what are the benefits of purchasing games brand new?

    I can understand completely the benefits of DRM to both consumers and especially developers/publishers, but do they outweigh those of purchasing games pre-owned/second hand? If a pre-owned game is cheaper, still has online access, has DLC which can be purchased an will no doubt see a GOTY/Complete Edition re-release and can be traded/purchased for store credit, why go brand new?

    Also, what would you suggest to make buying games new without seeming like a punishment or restriction? Monthly rewards? Free season passes? Or are pre-order goodies enough? Thanks in advance for your comments!


  2. bethperry profile image90
    bethperryposted 3 years ago

    The most profound benefit I have experience in is that new games cut down on the scratch factor. We've bought previously owned ones for our son, and they promise the discs have been groomed, but all too often we've encountered minute gouges and marks that interrupt the gaming. So, if we know the game is going to be a keeper, we prefer buying them brand spanking new.

    1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
      JohnGreasyGamerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      That's a good point but because its been so long since I bought a broken second hand game I'd forgotten about that! Your idea is a good one though, and another plus for digital download! Thanks for your comment ^^

  3. M. T. Dremer profile image96
    M. T. Dremerposted 3 years ago

    I've had several problems with scratched discs, so that is always a concern for me when purchasing used games. Usually, if there is a used copy for $14.99 and a 'greatest hits' edition (which is new) for $19.99, I'll pay the extra $5 for the quality of a new product. Plus, new games tend to have more bonuses. The original box, manual and promotional codes, where as used games are often the disc and nothing else.

    I'm also very aware of the money struggles between used game retailers and game developers. In other words, buying a used game doesn't support the developer you want to keep making games. So, buying used is great for discovering out of date games or games you aren't sure you will like. But for me, new is better for the quality and the support it gives to the company that made the game possible.

  4. thranax profile image52
    thranaxposted 3 years ago

    This comment might be a far fetched one, but I do think it makes a valid point (and if you use it I want credit for thinking outside the box!) one thing that some/most games have new is extra's inside the box. Things such as YuGiOh cards inside the YuGiOh games, and some games have large format posters inside for the game. When you buy a used copy, most likely these "promo" extras will not be included and you will be left out! While it doesn't effect the games themselves, it does effect the fan aspect of a gamer, which if you ask me, is where the heart lies!


    1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
      JohnGreasyGamerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Those are some good points that I never thought I'd consider! You certainly get credit for thinking outside the box when thinking about what's inside the box! ^^