To those who collect cheap toys or figures, do you ever open the packaging?

  1. Paxash profile image96
    Paxashposted 17 months ago

    To those who collect cheap toys or figures, do you ever open the packaging?

    Obviously for the majorly expensive collectable figures, most people won't open them, but do those of you who collect cheaper toys or figures (like amiibo or Skylanders and things like that) regularly open them up? Personally, if I spend less than $20 or so on a figure, I like displaying it outside of the box. Just wondering how many people do the same.

  2. RTalloni profile image88
    RTalloniposted 17 months ago

    If you want to simply own it for your personal enjoyment opening the package is up to you, but if you want it for resale value keeping it in the package is the thing to do.

  3. Amanda108 profile image91
    Amanda108posted 17 months ago

    To me it really depends on how the collectible is packaged. I once saw someone discussing whether or not to open Sideshow action figures (which are, of course, pricey). Their argument was this: "If I leave a figure in the box, I paid money for a box." I thought that was funny and true!

    But it is stressful, removing something collectible from a box. I mostly stick to cheaper merchandise, so to answer your question more from my own perspective I'll say that I leave the packaging intact if it easily and neatly displays the toy/figure/collectible. No over-sized boxes, must have a clear front (as opposed to, again for example, Sideshow boxes are large and simply show a picture of the figurine; you have to open the flap to see the actual product), basically needs to showcase what I paid for. I definitely prefer to display in the packaging when it meets these standards. As a positive example, Pop! figures display great without needing to remove anything!

    For anything in a bag (like mystery minis) I always open it up and display them on a shelf with no packaging.