Gather Ye Here, Oh Players of the Rolles!

  1. La Pit Master profile image61
    La Pit Masterposted 6 years ago


    I'm looking for like minded individuals trying to break into the tabletop role playing game industry.  As you know, certain well established companies are desperately trying to keep their market share, but the customer base is aging and younger players for various reasons don't see a need to spend hundreds of dollars a year on books.  Like it or not, this is an industry that is ripe for change.

    I'll be writing a series of hubs to layout my ideas for establishing an employee owned company that should be able to institute reforms that help the industry adjust to these inevitable changes, and allow it to survive beyond the first generation of tabletop enthusiasts.

    Please follow these hubs, improve them with your comments, share them with friends and consider joining me as a founder in this company.