Have you ever played Settlers of Catan?

  1. josh3418 profile image82
    josh3418posted 5 years ago

    If so, what are your thoughts on it?

  2. FF Commish profile image77
    FF Commishposted 5 years ago

    It is an EXCEPTIONAL game.  3-4 players.  The rules are relatively simple, and the game is usually not more than an hour.  The board set-up changes every game, so there is high replay value.  There is also quite a bit of player interaction.  It is true that good strategy will win most of the time, but the dice do allow for a newer or less skilled game-player to still have a chance.

    In short, it great for just about any level of gamer.  Not only does it have no real flaws, it excels in many ways. 

    (There are also quite a few expansions out there, as well.  One allows 5-6 players to play; the others add variants or wrinkles.  Unless you plan to play with 5-6 players, Settles of Catan is likely a strong enough stand-alone game that you won't even need any of the expansions to keep it interesting and fun.)