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Fun Family Games

Updated on February 8, 2014

Games the entire family will enjoy...

When I think back about the good ole days when I was growing up in the burbs and cherish the wonderful memories with my family, one of the things that comes to mind is playing family games. We had hours of family fun together.

Family game night is classic because it is fun, cheap, makes for nice family memories, plus it is a great way to bond. Today's family game night has lots of competition, but trust me on this, if you start the tradition of a family game night in your home, it won't take long before your kids look forward to it every week. I know that family game night is not a new concept, but everyone is a winner on family game night, so make family game night at tradition at your house.

You can still buy most of the classic games, nonetheless board games have evolved over the years. Some of them can enhance thinking abilities and problem solving skills and some can also make you sweat a lot. Here is a selection of games that moms, dads, brothers, and sisters can play, family games are fun for all.

We have a full range of family games, strategy games, Euro-style games, war games, card games, dice games and more below, Have Fun!

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Family Games Quick Picks

Here's a look at some of this years most popular games.

OK, when it comes to games, which ones are most popular?













We grew up playing a lot of board games in my family. I still recall playing games for hours on end with my siblings laughing, and crying. Many of the games we used to play are still popular today too, they are timeless fun. A few great examples that most families will either have played or at least heard of are Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, Mouse Trap and others.

Board games are a great way to spend quality time with your family. One of the most important advantages of playing these games is they it teaches, ones that video games don't teach, are communication and social skills. the interaction helps bond us closer together with our loved ones. The lessons that one learns from board games are that there are both ups and downs in life.

A Game of Chess Anyone - Finally, a way to learn chess without stress!

Winning Moves Games No Stress Chess
Winning Moves Games No Stress Chess

To play No Stress Chess each player takes a card and moves the chess piece corresponding to the drawn card, which essentially turns the game of chess into a game of chance. This allows the newbie chess player to concentrate on learning how each chess piece moves without getting overwhelmed with strategy part yet. What he or she is really learning is how to play "real" chess at the same time.


The family game room is a wonderful way to spend quality time together as a family right at home. This is the place where family members to have fun and unwind.

Nowadays game rooms have become real common in a lot of newly constructed homes, even owners of older homes are converting basements, attics, and garages into man caves and game rooms.

Here are some fun card games for the family. Card games have the power to bring the parents and kids together to spend some quality time away from the Television with just a deck of cards. There are quick card games, long card games, and even some card games that make you think.

Tip: When buying card games for kids, there are plenty of choices nowadays, so be sure to shy away from gifts that involve gaming and playing cards like in the casino.

Spot It - There is always one, but just one, pair of symbols that match between any two cards in this game. Spot that matching pair and you win! Spot it can get rather fast paced. It's fun!

Children can be a drag when traveling. Especially if they have nothing better to do than to nag you. The best way to keep them from driving you nuts is to get something that will keep the kids occupied.

The right travel game can be a lifesaver on a long trip. When your peeling off the miles on a road trip there's nothing more fun to pass the time away than playing travel games. It's awesome how many

of our favorite home games have a travel edition which comes in a portable, on-the-go version especially for taking on road with you. Perfect for taking on vacation or to a friend's house or the cabin.

Our family loves board games and we alternate a variety of strategy board games on family game night.

Strategy games typically feature either building an empire, defending with an army, saving a something or someone, or pulling off the crime of the century. did you know that strategy board games can deliver invaluable life lessons, strengthening brain capabilities and learning worthwhile lessons that help in real life. Chess is one of the world's most popular strategy board game.

Does your family enjoy watching Jeopardy on TV? Maybe you should introduce a Trivia game on family game night. There is wide range of trivia board games available on just about every conceivable subject, and even for different knowledge levels.

The trick will be getting a trivia game that appeals to everybody. Trivia board games are typically games where players are asked trivia questions, and if the player answers correctly they score in the game. One of the benefits of playing trivia games is that they expand your knowledge base in areas you might not be familiar with, and they do it in a fun setting, which is really a good sneaky way to learn.

Trivia games are also a wonderful way to encourage the kids to learn about subjects like history, food and the business world become fun because this is an enjoyable environment for learning.. Children's brains are like sponges

when playing trivia games you can almost watch them absorbing the general knowledge quickly.

Now that Euro-style games have been around for a while, they're becoming more and more popular in America. Many of the popular ones like Settlers Of Catan and Ticket to Ride are even readily available at bookstores and Target.

Most Eurogames share the following elements: Eurogames have a very distinct well defined theme. Direct player conflict is rather rare. Players are never tossed out of the game before it's over so players are all typically playing when the game it ends. Dice are rare and there is very little luck involved. Players decide what direction to go, given circumstances.

Word games have been incredibly popular for decades and even more so nowadays, thanks to a pile of new fun ones. If you've ever played word games like Scrabble it helps to have a broad vocabulary be ready to use it to find high scoring words. Word based games are actually very entertaining, and they improve vocabulary skills, help improve cognitive abilities, and help players learn to spell too in a fun environment. These games are fun card games to play on snow days or simply for family game night at home.

We love to play word games at our house. Currently our favorite game is Scatergories. In Scattergories, individuals or teams come up with a list of answers that fit the category listed on a card they drew. But there's a twist! The

answers you come up with need to start with the letter rolled on the 26-sided die! However you only score if no one else writes down the same thing, so you need to be creative and think outside the box, and that's where the fun starts!

Board games may be used for various educational purposes, and have been proven to stimulate the minds of kids in a fun way. Perfect for almost every girl and boy, fun educational games exercise their young minds. Board games with an educational twist are an ideal way to make learning painless, an entertaining way of keeping the students' interest up, and an awesome way to practice math skills.

If an educational board game used to make math fun has these elements it will be successful and the students can work on solidifying their grasp of many concepts.

Game Spotlight: Ravensburger Games


f you have not heard of Ravensburger games and puzzles your in for a treat here. Ravensburger is a German game producer from the town of Ravensburger in southern Germany. Our family simply loves Ravensburger games and puzzles, because appreciate their knack for high quality products with attention to the details. Ravensburger is the world leader in puzzles.

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Tell us about a fun family game that you enjoy and we might feature it!

Tell us what great games your family likes to play! - Does your family have a game night or the occasional fun gathering?

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    • asereht1970 profile image


      5 years ago

      My family love playing scrabble and card games. It's really fun having a family game night.


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