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Harry Potter Flying Broomstick

Updated on October 23, 2017

Harry Potter's Firebolt Broom

Rubies Harry Potter Broom
Rubies Harry Potter Broom

I love this broom from Harry Potter - it has footholds and I can see the advantage of that.


The Flying Broomstick

Here we have a broom scientifically deemed flyable by the the staff of Hogwarts Academy. And if they do not know what they are talking about, then who does? Academia, especially the witch specialty version, knows vision and worth when it appears before them. And when it flies before them. What a wondrous thing Harry Potter's broom is. When I see a broom with foot holds, I instinctively want to climb on board, set my GPS, and fly away.

Perfect For Commuting

Harry Potter is famous for making boy witches popular, as they absolutely should be. Although the historical lore says that witches can be boys or girls, the modern view tends to view witchery as a female oriented happening. Well, witchcraft and flying too is not just for girls only. I am sure that boys make fantastic witches, probably just as good as girls, though certainly not better.

Dreams Of Flying

Since ancient times people have been gazing up into the sky and dreaming of flying. Airplanes do not quite do the trick since you can not feel the wind in your hair. It should be like riding a bike, only up in the sky, and way off the ground, and way off the beaten track. Harry's broom is perfect; it sways, it swoops, and it circles. It is an activity perfectly suited to the witchy mystique and to me. When the moon is full and it is Halloween, let the spirit take you and you can believe in magic. Maybe then you will be able to fly too.

Harry Potter's First Flying Lesson

Broom Flying Stop Motion

Harry Potter Scarf

Harry Potter Scarf Costume Accessory
Harry Potter Scarf Costume Accessory

Before you go flying off into the night on a broomstick, make sure you are properly dressed for night flying. It's probably cold. Take a scarf.


First Broomstick Flying Lesson

The Gradwells Flying Broomsticks

Deathly Hallows Special

© 2013 Linda Hahn

Say Hey, Flying Witches!

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