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Large Crooked Witch's Broom

Updated on October 25, 2017

Autumn Decorations

It's almost the year's end and magic is in the air. Pumpkin is on the frost and the crops are gathered in. When the night is crisp and the moon is full, look up to the sky often, you may see a witch speeding by, soaring on her broom. She's most likely on a quick run to the grocery store or picking up a couple of kids. Go ahead and visualize that, I can wait.

Put a couple of these out on your porch to tip off the neighbors about your outlandish tendencies to celebrate at the drop of a hat. And to welcome the season and let the tiny tots know that this house will be passing out candy on the big night. Oh yeah. There are still a few Halloween purists around.

The Simplicity Of Sweeping

Women's work some say. There is some faint flicker of comprehension in this statement because the broom is a solid connection to our ancient roots, our ancient ways, and our ancient people. Mystical then, but yet it is a completely grounded part of life today, we sweep, we clean. When we clean, we have layers upon layers of symbolism at our fingertips. An intuitive and holy knowledge has been passed down to us. You will never look at your broom again in quite the same way.

Personal Satisfaction

A witch can not have too many brooms. To some people they are tools, age old and changed little throughout the generations. The broom is a tool yes, but is is also mysterious and age-old. Happy All Hallows.

Worst Witch Flying Lesson

Technicolor Brooms

Rubie's Metallic Witch Broom, Green
Rubie's Metallic Witch Broom, Green

Here's a green metallic version for the flash witch like myself.


Oh Yeah, I See Her.

Technicolor Brooms

Rubie's Metallc Witch Broom, Purple
Rubie's Metallc Witch Broom, Purple

And here's a luscious purple version just because. What witch can rightfully deny a purple broom?


All Right, Harry!

Witch's Broom, Power Accessories For Witches


© 2013 Linda Hahn

OK, What Do You Think You're Doing With My Broom? And Why, Pray Tell?

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