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how to fix the Red Screen of Death

Updated on July 3, 2011

PS3 Red screen of death



In this section of problems with the PS3, were looking at the very common PS3 problem "The Red Screen Of Death" this is up there with the YLOD / Yellow light of death but don't worry its not the end for your PS3 as this error can fixed. First lets discuss what the problem is and looks like and then the cause and finally we can get to the Solution to fix this problem with the PS3.

What is the Red Screen of Death?

You know instantly when your have the Red screen of death (see picture above) you will see the red screen of death shortly after turning the PS3 on. You will not be able to get past this screen, the only thing you can do is turn your PS3 off at this point. On screen there will be a error message in several different languages just advising you to contact SONY for assistance.

What is the Cause of the Red Screen of Death?

Well this very common problem with the ps3 has two causes one is believed to be a problem with overheating due to the fact that in some cases after switching the console off for 30 minuets the problem goes away. Overheating causes hardware failure internally and the console will need to cool down before permanent damage is done. So to stop from frying it's self the PS3 is programmed to display the red screen of death so you have no choice but to let the console cool down. If the Red screen of death is still apparent after your console has cooled down for 30 minuets the problem is more technical and you will need to perform some simple maintenance internally before you start gaming again. The problem with the ps3 in this case is the laser in the blue-ray drive. It is most likely out of sync and will need to be re-adjusted which I talked about in an earlier post - Problems with the PS3/Disk read error.



As discussed above in more detail

1. Over heating

2. The laser in the Blue-ray drive is out of sync.


1. Overheating. This is a simple solution the console just needs to cool down so turn it off for around 20 - 30 minuets.

2. Blue-ray laser. A little more technical than just switching off your console. You will need to get inside the PS3 and fix this and you have two options to play with here.


If your still in warranty then you can send the console off to Sony who can repair most problems with the PS3 like the red screen of death. This would be for free you just need to provide the packaging so they can collect the console from you, the whole process will take around 4-6 weeks. If your not in warranty Then you will can still send your console to Sony but the difference this time will be that they get to charge you a massive $150 for the privilege.


This problem with the PS3 can be fixed at home quite easily but you will need to pick up a good PS3 repair guide to go through the problem step by step and fix the problem yourself. You simply download the guide follow the instructions and your done within the hour or two depending on how fast you wish to take the repair, this is a far less cost and the turn over time for the repair is slashed to hours not weeks.

MY Deep review of the guide in full detail, everything is covered.

So there you have it, more problems with the PS3 explained and answered, this problem was the red screen of death. You have learned what the problem is and also what the problem looks like, You have also learned what the causes of the red screen of death are and, the best part you have learned how to fix the problem as well.


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